Beloved Friends! 4-18-2020

Published April 18, 2020 by tindertender

We Remind You That You Can’t Feel Love And Fear Simultaneously,

Therefore Choose To Find A Loving Thought And Hold On To This!

Since Fear Is An Emotion That Is Caused By Projected Thoughts And Is Not Real,

Fear Will Leave!

Set Your Intention Each Moment For The Greatest Outcome For All On The Planet!

Avoid Toxic And Negative People To Be In Your Field, Even With Social Distancing,

You Can Maintain Your Own Energy, Aura And Chakras!

When Moving Close In Body To Anyone, Your Electrons Mix And Your Frequency Can Change If You Are Not Maintaining Your Field With Conscious Intent!

Tapping The Forehead And Saying, ‘Things Are Getting Better Now,’

Will Activate The Pre-Frontal Cortex Of Logic And Reasoning.

In The Pleiades We Touch The Forehead And Repeat ‘KEE AH SHA’, For Be Healed Now!

Realize You Can’t Master Your Life Story In One Moment!

Master This Moment.

Now This One.

Stay Present And Breathe Deeply!

You Are A Sacred Being Of Light!

Soon We Rise As One!


I Love You So!


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