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Hello, my dear friends. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend here on your beautiful planet.

Today I will again be talking about the lightworkers here on the planet. Again, you represent over 600 soul groups from throughout the galaxy and beyond. Many of you have been serving here for many thousands of years, without going home in between incarnations.

You were always here, from the time humanity voted for duality until now. We knew humanity would need a lot of help to get through their Third Density cycle. Duality provides for the broadest continuum of choices, from the darkest to the most light.

In agreeing to serve here, you knew you would not be needed nearly so much by those who found the light in Service to Others, as by those who found the dark path of Service to Self. Since every soul is loved and honored, in coming here, you wanted to help those in the dark.

You can easily imagine that if you showed up to help an individual or group floundering in the dark, looking like an angelic lightworker or incarnated angel, you would not be accepted by them. They would immediately reject you, and you would have no opportunity to serve them.

So we who serve come to this planet, and incarnate into groups or areas where we are needed the most. We look dark when we do. We carry the DNA of those incarnations to fit in. Or, we bear, adopt, or marry souls who need help, and we help them change STS polarity.

The Creator, and I, and those who serve here, love the STS souls just as much as we love those who serve the light. We honor their choices on free will to do as they choose. However, since the STS path is so long, hard, and painful, we hope it can be avoided.

I watched over the past couple of days as my feed got invaded by dark conspiracy stories and outright cruelty as some spoke their opinions about my lightworkers who agreed to serve in some of the darkest places, as well as be in the public eye. They took on a lot to serve here.

As I told you in the past, after the frequency fence that kept this planet in isolation was removed, we brought in a whole army of angelic soldiers and healers to rescue the lightworkers from the dark situations where they agreed to serve.

We found you covered in implants. As I stated in discussion, Lady Gaga was one such lightworker who wants you to know what happened with her so you can understand you are turning on your own soul relatives. Lady Gaga had rows of huge energetic implants that looked like shovels driven into her back. She was being energetically controlled by these. As she is a friend of mine, I rescued her and removed the implants. She physically died in my arms when I pulled them out of her. I had to breathe life back into her.

She suffered from terrible mental illness and physical pain because of these implants. The souls of her human parents were being held hostage to keep her in compliance with those who controlled her. We found them and rescued them as well.

Her situation was not even unique. We found similar situations, and many implants, on nearly every lightworker here, because you agreed to serve in dark places. We freed you as well. We cleared your implants and cut the bonds from you.

Now that we have done that, I’m saddened to see so many of you still operating in a theater of judgment, one against another. Under the dense energetic veils that exist on Third Density planets, unless you are standing in someone else’s energy, you have no idea who they are.

I see so many of you calling each other names and judging each other, but I kindly remind you again: those STS beings here first attack you and your reputations. They come up with bizarre conspiracy theories using photos and concocted videos to make you look bad.

Many of you have stored memories in your DNA of being burned as witches, as you used your healing gifts in centuries past. You were victims of the conspiracy stories of the past, and your physical lives were taken from you because of the stories others told about you.

Most of those who are really committing the atrociticies you attributed to Lady Gaga are Fourth Debsity negative souls from the Orion belt. As I said numerous times before, the largest traffickers and torturer of souls were some of the leadership at the Vatican.

As I’ve said before, one of the first things AARaphael and I did when we returned here last Fall was free 500,000 souls that were abducted and were being subject to reptilian abuse throughout Italy and the world. I want to tell you about who those souls were.

Most of those souls were from India. They were abducted from a place where the population is huge, and many live completely off the modern grid. They are taken and used and bred and abused for generations after their abductions. They are lured with food because they are hungry.

You would think that with that many souls being abused, modern day law enforcement would have figured it out. Why didn’t they? Because they are moved into a different frequency than you exist in. You can no longer see them. The STS beings know how to harness energy.

Again, even though the reptilians’ serpent bodies died long ago, their souls still carry their higher, 4th Density negative consciousness into the human bodies they occupied, until we removed them. And 4th Density souls learn how to manipulate and use energy.

This is the reason there are no photos of your Fourth Density positive Inner Earth civilization, or photos of what was going on around the Vatican. Your cameras don’t yet see all the frequencies that are happening all around you on this planet.

But the horrors did not stop at the Vatican. Your Annunaki leadership in the US were also hiding a lot of trafficked souls, used mostly for perverse sexual abuse. We found those souls hidden in churches. We found some whose frequency was converted so they were hidden in baptismal fonts full of water. This is why your ideas of mass arrests will never solve these problems—you can’t find who you are looking for. They hide in different frequencies.

We freed, and continue to free, all the souls who were trafficked on this planet and off this planet by non-human, Fourth Density souls. We freed the lightworkers who agreed to try to mitigate these harms within these dark places who were attached and misled.

Please don’t turn on each other. Imagine how you will feel if you find yourself going to a Fourth Density negative planet, not to serve, but because you changed your positive polarity to one of STS because you fell for conspiracy stories meant to destroy fellow lightworkers.

Please don’t judge each other. This is a very difficult place to serve. We all know that. Imagine how you will feel if you return to your planet of origin, and find the one you judged the most harshly is actually one of your own family, who did their very best to serve here.

When we incarnate here in human bodies, we are all subject to human frailty. We all do things we regret and wish we had not done. That does not mean our service here is not valuable. Please stop being sucked into stories that make you hate or turn on someone else.

At the root of every single conspiracy story is the hate of one of these dark alliances against the lightworkers we send, or another dark alliance. Every day I read horrific conspiracy stories here on Twitter. And the ones who are telling them are laughing at you & attaching you.

When you go searching for conspiracy stories that lead you to make judgments about those you don’t even know, you create an energy trail that is followed back to you. You are attracting new attachments because of your support for these awful practices.

Please use your time to find ways to serve. All of this awareness that so many of you think you have been given by dark sources has never changed a single situation for the better. Your law enforcement is quite capable of dealing with human souls who do dark things.

If you truly want to help children and save souls from trafficking, serve each other. Change the frequency here so darkness cannot exist. Feed and shelter the hungry and cold around you so they cannot be lured by those who want to abuse them.

Living the principles of the Law of One is what will change, and end, all of the dark activities on this planet. Change the frequency of your collective consciousness, and all of horrible abuse (you can presently do almost nothing about) will end. You can do this.

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