A Time ‘Entity’

Published March 9, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

A time entity stalks humans through time, seeking the ‘gold’ that is their dreams, hopes and creativity, the free willed power to change time by adding possibilities to reality, seeking to parasitically leech and alter that power by subsisting on the extracted suffering.

The beings that participate in this process, when all of time, dreams, behaviors, intentions are added together, are not organically relative to the human soul.

They are from outside the sphere of relativity and cannot provide for themselves temporally and will fade into low consciousness when the human hosts die or rid themselves of the parasitic infection.

They specifically harm those who have the power to assist through dreaming and hopeful intentions by seeking out individuals who contain a great deal of merit and are in a vulnerable and exposed position in their lives.

From that one moment in time, the parasite can interface with selective hosts to travel backwards through time ‘stalking’ the victim by genetically and biologically ‘hopping’ backwards in time through quantum shifting.

What seems to be something that grew over time started at a point in the future and then flowed backwards and every point of contact follows this pattern. If saw from the start, it would appear to be flowing sideways through time.

This entity relies on the narcissistic abuse of those who don’t fight back, selectively. The entity relies on the shadows to survive and would be exposed in the light. It’s disguise only works when no one is observing.

The technology today allows us to see the moments in time and consciousness patterning that are seemingly disconnected at first but actually create an ‘umbrella’ of influence in a radial fractal pattern that is somehow controlled by the same source of intentions.

These entities were cast out of the sphere of relativity and MUST remain informationally hooked into the information or living situation regarding their hosts otherwise they will fade from genetic causal regeneration and mutate into a sub human genetic make up.

The parasite will get what they need through going after the highest possible source (taking ALL), and if that fails they would go after what they can (taking scraps), to do what has to be done to gain oversight and power over their host.

They will eat the highest quality food if they can reach it, if they can’t, the lowest possible resource will do, (droppings and carcasses), relating that the context of their informational hosting will openly position them as the undesirable, as long as they get their attention.

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