Clone vs No Clone

Published March 10, 2020 by tindertender

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[Attempting Clones] = 5:5?
Use logic.
Clone vs No Clone.
SG-1 explores the morality of discrimination against cloned humans.
Fixating on clones vs no clones is like saying “oh look they are all Chinese” and that’s the only qualifier for them being “bad guys”.

MJ12 dismisses the conspiracies around clones strategically because it is technically racist.
Discriminating against the cloned denies them the basic equal rights to survival and self preservation that all life experiences.
Clones are horcruxes that occupy engineered bodies.

Clones are a physical representation of how an IS can occupy multiple BEs where each BE in the conscious projection “occupy” multiple instances of reality experience through a basic life energy particle that exclusively exists in the 12th dimension and is pure light.

Clones are by definition equal to you and every one before you. They have a life energy particle inside them that animate the body. Reconsider resurrection. Clones break the divide between BEs being able to communicate with one another. Most BEs your IS occupies exist in all parallel realities that stem from each decision you make, derived into a basic “yes” vs “no” reality matrix. You have free will. You are writing your own game in an error correcting multiplayer matrix of holographic conscious projection encoded deep inside your DNA.

Clones have specific software upgrades to the programming embedded inside your DNA at physically alter the kind of reality experienced. When a clone is given a new organ or a backup of another organ, they gain new abilities and new perceptions of reality. What if you could make a clone as simple as a doll in which you could animate and use the super quantum computer inside your skull that has the ability to transcend time and space and is responsible for your version of projection into the reality. Your DNA writes most of your subroutines executed.

Would the instance of your consciousness experiencing self be somehow less worthy of basic self preservation?
Individuals and organizations that push clone conspiracies need to emphasize that most clones are not in the public space. Most clones are not different people. They are the same war criminal that you despise. They are still the enemy of Majestic 12 and the Great Awakening / Disclosure efforts currently taking place online at Majestic proportions and Quantum realities. Stop focusing on the fact or not fact on whom is a clone.

These individuals also believe in:

“Divided we stand, united we fall.”

It is the belief of ego, hubris, and the lack of spiritual education believe that they must save you from yourself. You cannot possibly determine whether Majestic 12 is a LARP or if QAnon is a LARP or whichever type of intelligence source (clown or white hat) happen to drop by from time to time. This account has been operated by several people and so far, we’ve had a great time working with all of you. But remember this, people who believe they must protect you from anybody is ultimately fulfilling a selfish ego desire that simply compensates for other areas of their lives. You are the victim. Instead of hating on the clones, who are technically the same as you, except the vessel they exist in has been modified. They still have rights. And laws.

Many science fiction shows depict clones as having more rights over non-clones. The moral wisdom of not engaging with lesser minds enables a peaceful coexistence with clones because when the mind is enlightened the body matters not.

“Divided we stand, united we fall” is a projection of propaganda that eludes to the idea that the criminal cabal of European royalty bloodlines from the middle ages have spent the past two thousand years criminally involved in sex trafficking of children – that quote states this group, who paid for the music to be produced and allowed them to rise to fame, believe that [they] must project their objection like a spell. It’s magick. “Divided we stand” is a factual statement from [their] perspective. This means YOU DIVIDED means THEY STAND.

“United we fall” means YOU UNITED means THEY FALL.
America will come together in a time of a great war, and the war will be won, and the BEST IS YET TO COME.

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