When Two World’s Collide

Published January 31, 2020 by tindertender

I could deny the connection, I could consciously work toward ‘forgetting’, but that would never mean the situation shifted … for you would still be there, speaking as you do, plotting and planning as you always have, even if I tune you out … for you have always been there, watching, waiting.

You cannot have trust without transparency. It seems fear, or some sense of it, probably named by a different descriptor, prevails in the consciousness of ALL life.

What happens in the unseen leaks into the physical.

And this is how you know.

It requires we come out of the “comfort zone” into that which can cause inner chaos.

Transmuting that which is absorbed is the only way to clean house.

So absorb, detach, transmute … open and absorb, detach, transmute …..

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