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Feeling Grateful

Published February 17, 2021 by tindertender

Thank you Source Creator, Higher Knowledge, and All which dwells in me, All that I Am.

I am grateful for this day.

I have been without power for 4 days, it is 35 degrees in my house. I was fortunate to be blessed with the ability to purchase firewood for my fireplace. I am blessed to have a roommate who is there all day to keep the fire going while I am at work.

I am blessed with the opportunity to earn pay, which (hahaha) keeps the lights on, usually, but that has allowed me to afford the wood now burning in the fireplace.

I am grateful to be here for a few hours, where the heat is working.

I am grateful, for the negativity in my mind seems to be subsiding.

Although I wake, on the defensive, knowing that my dreams (my subconscious) is being observed, I realized a few moments ago that those who interact with me in the astral are not all of the same caliper. Some I understand mean me a not so pleasant future … but then again, it could just be a reflection of my “attitude” towards my visitors, a misinterpretation of the plan.

I am grateful to know that I have the authority to change my stance on things, according to my Will.

I am grateful for the hard lessons I have received over the last 18 years.

Hard lessons for certain, which have built my character and my compassion for those in a “hard place” in the many various ways that shows up, and also for Self.

Hard lessons which taught me that “judgement” isn’t always righteous … toward others, but particularly, for Self. After all, what we see in the world is a reflection of what is in our own minds and heart … in order to change what is seen and experienced, there is a need to change ones own character.

Releasing the need to be on defense or offense is critical … the coming Utopia requires that we be kind, that we lift others, that we give of ourselves, and in so doing all of this will be granted us as well.

I read today, “The path of self enlightenment begins when you realize that all in the material realm is an illusion created by chaos and true balance in ones own life comes from how they perceive their own consciousness” and that “high vibrations allow negative vibrations to pass through unimpeded”.

And so I begin practicing, to allow negativity to flow through me unimpeded … feel it, think it, release it without responding to it.

Mastering the Self is quite the challenge!

I am grateful to the helpers and teachers who have assisted in the process, for me, and for others.

Understanding had been so elusive in life, only now peeking at me from a state of higher knowledge.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my journey.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me Love … even when that Love did not feel like Love.

I am grateful, knowing that while we all have separate paths, they will all meet someday in Unity.

I am so happy that I have been blessed to see my true essence in the astral, not once, but twice.

I Am Love.

I AM Joy.

I Am Grateful.

And I Am Blessed.

Need For Dominance, Prompting Sacrifice Requests

Published December 21, 2020 by tindertender

So many in the unseen, trying to pour me into a preconceived role … attempting to force me into playing a certain part … that of ‘savior’ … they are SO confused! (and I’m not the only one who they are attempting to corral into this role).

It’s a mind f%ck.

They say I have the Christ Light.

(After I heard them complain that “the others” had a halo around their head)

They ask me why I wouldn’t want to do it.

They say to each other they’ll make me drunk, at the beginning … usurping my Will and my sub-conscious … as unwilling as I’ve been and AM … they still try to force the issue.

Their gods say I’m but an appetizer … a taste of Soul Energy, until the real one appears.

They say I’m innocent … and they LOVE to corrupt innocence. The things they’ve said they’ll do … perverts in the highest … an influence of the sickness we see in our world.

Cough, Cough …. a-hem … excuse me …

Perhaps they’ve forgotten the last 20 years, where they tried to end my life.


Good luck with that one!

Their intention, as I see it, is to eliminate the shiniest humans from this planet. To remove those who would thwart their plan to dominate the human race.

To ‘sacrifice’ those who would provide them some sort of gain, some reward, from their ‘god’.

It’s all selfishness.

And I do not promote or expand on it …

I ask them, “Haven’t you controlled humanity long enough as it is?”

No answer …..

Simply telling me of their need.

The ones they long to make this sacrifice to, say they have plans for this planet.

I tell them, “I do too.”

Go figure … a human being, in love with GAIA, longing to stay and see her prosper, along with bretheren … the human family.

I am so DONE with control freaks!

At the end of every generation of humanity (we are generation four) there is a new savior sought, and utilized by the controllers to make docile and subservient humans … generation five is just around the corner.

They need to rewrite the same old recycled story they use every time they harvest this planet.


You didn’t think these vaccines were for your health, to prolong your life, did you?

No … they need to clear the way for their “utopia” … provided to them by their god, for providing the shiniest souls they can muster.

Now that we are entering a broader time where telepathy will be happening to more and more people … perhaps this post won’t seem so out of the ordinary.

This is MY reality, MY creation
I am not going to be worried about anything

And I choose ME


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