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Freedom In Love, You Are Heard

Published July 25, 2018 by tindertender

When things start spinning it is instinctual to grab onto something, to attempt to stop the fall. As the struggle ensues, fear grows, panic takes over. Overcoming the inclination to scramble for safety is near impossible. Do it anyway … let go, trust that all will be well.

Photo by Derek Owens

You’ve done all you can do for now. Unwind and allow your story to unfold of it’s own accord. You’ve earned the right to rest and relax. Remember the saying, “We do without doing and everything gets done.”

See yourself in the mirror made by the events in your life. What you are is what you attract. Certain events are fated to test our faith, beware falling victim to them, or blaming yourself for them. Rather, find yourself within the web through your life. Observe how you responded to life’s challenges, great and small. Release judgement and accept things exactly as they are, with love.

Honor every part of your story as essential to your highest unfolding. You will find answers in a thorough and honest self-appraisal.

The correct next step will be revealed – just in time. Keep listening for the lessons that the vulnerability of love brings.

Be tough, have courage, and dare to dream no matter what the circumstances. It may seem to be a hard time, but not only will you survive – you will thrive. In spite of conditions, you’ll succeed. Expect nothing less than what is in your most precious dreams and watch miracles manifest.

Look up. See the opening in the sky, the circle of blue filled with cotton-ball clouds, focus on this. Relax into it.

The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars

Published July 4, 2018 by tindertender


Child of the Sun, you are being called to wakefulness, to your place in the

new myth. A great miracle is coming for planet Earth, and the time is NOW.

A new consciousness is being created by the children of the Sun as they

ascend with the Earth to a new place among the stars. A new harmonic of

light and sound, a golden octave, is being heard on Earth, ringing in the

frequencies of ecstasy, union and unconditional love.

Child of the Sun, why did you come to Earth? You are the miracle of the new

myth unfolding. You came to Earth with a purpose, a plan, a master

blueprint encoded in your feelings. Live in harmony with that plan. Open

your world to the Great Mystery. . .

You are being asked to view your experiences from a mythical standpoint,

so that you remember your connection to the larger pattern.

The key to your personal myth is presenting itself. From now on, there are

no more road maps, no more creeds, no more philosophies. From here on,

your inspiration comes straight from the Universe, moment by moment.

This is the path of innocence, the path of trust. Here, each step is walked

only once, and the Universe speaks in the voice of the present.

Feel the key to the kingdom in your heart. Know that, like the pull of the

heavenly bodies, love is neither taken nor given, but discovered and

allowed. No-one is without love, for love is the force that holds Universes


By simply embodying love, you are living the new myth that will create the

wave home. Surrender to love and awaken, Child of the Sun!

~ Ariel Spillsbury & Michael Bryner

The Healer

Published April 4, 2018 by tindertender

I, the fiery life of divine wisdom,
I ignite the beauty of the plains,
I sparkle the waters,
I burn in the sun, and the moon, and the stars,
With wisdom I order all rightly …
I adorn all the Earth,
I am the breeze that nurtures all things green …
I am the rain coming from the dew
That causes the grasses to laugh with the joy of life.
I call forth the tears, the aroma of holy work.
I am the yearning for good.
~ Hildegard of Bingen

Green Dream

The Healer dwells in each and every one of us, the opposite is there also. In choice, which is where our power is, we decide which one we will give life, which one we will allow to manifest in the world.

The path for people, although showing up in different arrangements is quite similar. There is no right or wrong order to things, it is what it is, and it will become what we will it to. Of course, we are not alone on this journey, for there are those we cannot see with these physical eyes who assist us in being all that we can be. It is up to us to pay attention to this and to acknowledge it, making it part of our daily lives.

Some folks will say it is all about them, and that everything that happens is due to their efforts. Some will say this experience has nothing to do with them, that their lives are at the mercy of others.

When all comes into alignment, there will be big shifts. It may be difficult to trust in this process during dark times, especially if they are some of your first experiences, but as life continues the trust is built around these supports we nay not see.

Helping Each OtherIs this what it’s all about, learning to trust?

We enter life trusting completely other people to see to our needs, often this trust is broken early on. Regaining this ability can be quite the challenge, in fact it could take the rest of life, journeying back to the place we began. Without effort to heal … to forgive … it cannot be, so if there is genuine interest in achieving inner peace, then there ought to be the attempt.

The most difficult journey ever is ours, to do with what we will, and to be whatever we choose. It is up to each of us to transform our experiences, to use the power of choice and to become the alchemists that we inherently are.

Change Is Inevitable

Published June 15, 2017 by tindertender

With an open heart and open mind, in gratitude, acceptance of knowledge must be. Asking “Why?” is no longer needed, for in the quiet the answer is already there.

Panic does no good. Change is inevitable. Rather than focusing on what ‘might’ be, focus on now, and what actions will be taken to improve this moment. The intention behind building the future is what is important. For peace to thrive, this intention must be strong, consistent, and true.

Road and MoonJust as in taking a road trip we cannot arrive until we drive, the outcome of peace will not happen until we drive there. Let not the mind travel ahead, reign it in and focus on the intention. The end result will be more solid this way.

Every small detail has a tremendous value. This life is training on how to adapt quickly to change. How well we thrive is up to us. No one else is needed to make these choices, to decide for ourselves what we must do, or where we must go in order to receive benefit.

There are many in the world who will turn their back, who will attack ~ Pay them no heed. Like the wind, flow around them to another destination … physical, mental, spiritual. Only the individual knows in their heart what is best for them personally. It is not necessary to convince the whole crowd.

Trust in your intuition. Trust in the silent urging of the soul. It will not fail you.

Transforming Hurt With A Hug

Published May 17, 2017 by tindertender

The easiest way to get past a perceived error is to embrace it and come at it from a different direction. Do not waste time stewing about it, reinforcing a negative mind set. HUG that event, and move on it with a positive attitude, break it down and transform it.

Hugging a hurt.jpg

Being vulnerable is a scary thing. Opening oneself up to further damage is very intimidating. However, this is opportunity for inner strength to be built, as well as opportunity for another to either participate in rectification, or further damage. Either way, karma works and will increase ten-fold, for all parties.


Let Honor Return To Humanity

Published February 18, 2017 by tindertender

“VIDEOS: I love how they stop in just that special place to give everyone a real good look at mid-sentence facial expression.”

Dear God … Isn’t it time? I cry tears hoping this sorrow reaches you and that you will feel my heart.

Men desire to murder animals to extinction, even going into dens for the killing of babies. They want control of the woman’s womb but why? Do they wish to breed sadistic evil killing machines who burn everything in their path? For control, for their egos, so they can boast among each other how powerful they are?

Balance is needed, please God, show me what You would have me do, or say. I must DO something, but what? Please guide me.

The line is getting ever thinner, and I know in my heart that Love and Light will dissolve this darkness and there WILL be peace and joy.

Is it time? Will it happen soon? I pray that it does, and when the time comes please lift me from this shell which has been the pot for brewing Love, for the benefit of ALL life, in body, out of body, earth, air, water …

Let Honor return to the hearts of humanity. Bless us please.

Love, that hearty stew cooking inside of you. Let’s feed the world, shall we?

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