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Trust Us … Or Else

Published December 28, 2020 by tindertender

Many of us learned to rebel against authority while in our youth. We recognized that the drunk, drugged or emotionally unavailable parent was not a good role model, and we sought guidance elsewhere … often falling into the same habitual patterns we were raised with … the familiar.

We rejected the advice of others, feeling that we alone had our best interest at heart.

Unfortunately, a child, or youth, lacks experience to guide self.

This is where destructive habitual patterns arise, fueled by anger, emotional pain, rejection, a sense of lack and self value.

We find ourselves running with crowds who are in this same mind frame, and the spiral keeps spiraling, until we fall flat on our face.

I’m not saying it is okay to blame anyone for this fall … it happened to us, and it happened to ‘them’.

The key is to recognize it, to climb from the pit, wiser, and transform those habitual patterns. Many do not get this chance, for they succumb while in a state of volatile flux.

These days, we hear others offering guidance to us.

~ Relax.

~ Do this or that for it is in your best interest.

Accept the advise giver as friend … even though in life, we’ve rebelled against this one, due to lack of trust.

So an invisible one comes along and says LOVE YOU … do this, do that … LOVE YOU … used as a tag line. It wreaks of insincerity, and yet, we are told to do what is said “for our own good”. We are told that if we do, the change, the coming alteration of life as we knew it, will either be pleasant, or volatile for those who do not bow to it.

These ones do not understand that the majority of life here has had to raise itself, to rely on self for survival, for simply getting along in life, or for actually manifesting a comfortable life.

Our galactic ‘friends’ seem to care about our submission, calling it care for our welfare.

Maybe some of them DO want to see many humans survive, which is why they push submission. If we do not … well, there is no room for argument or discussion … it simply is what it is, and will be what it will be.

They have plans for earth.

They have plans for life.

They are here to protect their future.

At any cost.

So, while you’ve rebelled and walked your own path (or so it has seemed), the time has come to trust once more … hahaha … trust, from a species who have been trained to trust no one.

Sort of funny if you ask me, and horrible at the same time.

Polarity … smashing up against each other.

I suppose it will be easier for those who actually had someone, or someone’s they could count on, could trust.

For many of us … hahaha … trust is going to be a hard thing to gain, from a suspicious mind. I suppose it will be those who will lose once more, in a world that demands it, despite action speaking truths.

Despite telepathic words that foretell suffering … even should one choose to comply and cede their own authority.

How To Get A Strong Woman To Trust You

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

Tell her the truth.

Even if it hurts.

Even it if makes you look stupid.

Even if it makes her look stupid.

Tell her the things people are often afraid to say.

Tell her where she is compromising herself. Where she deserves so much more.

Tell her what you see for her. Tell her what she deserves.

Tell her the magnitude of the power you see inside of her and that you are not playing to that part of her:

Not her ego

Not her fear of unworthiness

Not your ego

Not your fear of unworthiness.

Tell her you REFUSE to take advantage of her, ignore her needs, to act as if you are the only one that exists.

Tell her you refuse to see her as anything less than incredible.

She might hate you for a moment.

She might be angry.

She might want you to try to limit her, like everyone else.

Try to keep her in a box, where she has made her home.

Her ego might do all the things ego can do when it is deeply loved.

But tell her the truth anyway.

It will bring her more pleasure than she ever thought possible.

To get a strong woman to trust you

never hold back an ounce of your truth, ever again.

7 spots left for woman on fire. For the strong ones.

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