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How To Get A Strong Woman To Trust You

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

Tell her the truth.

Even if it hurts.

Even it if makes you look stupid.

Even if it makes her look stupid.

Tell her the things people are often afraid to say.

Tell her where she is compromising herself. Where she deserves so much more.

Tell her what you see for her. Tell her what she deserves.

Tell her the magnitude of the power you see inside of her and that you are not playing to that part of her:

Not her ego

Not her fear of unworthiness

Not your ego

Not your fear of unworthiness.

Tell her you REFUSE to take advantage of her, ignore her needs, to act as if you are the only one that exists.

Tell her you refuse to see her as anything less than incredible.

She might hate you for a moment.

She might be angry.

She might want you to try to limit her, like everyone else.

Try to keep her in a box, where she has made her home.

Her ego might do all the things ego can do when it is deeply loved.

But tell her the truth anyway.

It will bring her more pleasure than she ever thought possible.

To get a strong woman to trust you

never hold back an ounce of your truth, ever again.

7 spots left for woman on fire. For the strong ones.

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