Want To Know About Your Dreams?

Published March 7, 2023 by tindertender

By @Akashicel

Do you know the Oneiric portals?

Everything is a portal that takes you back to your unconscious,

You probably entered one of them last night.

Do you remember?

How do you know that what you dream are your dreams and not given by a third party?

Let’s start by talking about dreams…

Dreams are the main mystical door that evokes, links and channels us with our essence and our true home, they are vehicles and coarse channels of creation that interact with memory/consciousness fields (conscious and unconscious) through different planes of existence.

You may wonder why do we not always experience freedom when we dream?
Why do we keep remembering the conditioning exerted by the system?
Why do we sometimes feel imprisoned, attacked, deceived?
Why do we feel that we have no control over ourselves, over our DREAMS?

Fear creates illusory limits that shape our unconscious, limits represented in archetypes of power, languages, symbols with which we identify ourselves.

For example, do you know what the true meaning of the cross is?

Archetypes rooted in the collective consciousness.

Remember, culture is just rituals in disguise.

Your energy, the resonance of your electromagnetic field have visible weak points where parasites can anchor, because you consented to it, by forgetting your power.

Your recurring dreams may be prefabricated dreams, simulations created to extract your vital energy, or dream spaces that you kept after the attack to understand more about your fears, and dissolve them.

Most nightmares are prefabricated dreams, scenarios that interrupt organic dreams and lead us to another one.

The interruption of dreams is a sign of an attack.

Sleep paralysis often communicates a lack of control and connection with our human body.

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