Atlantis and You

Published January 13, 2023 by tindertender

By @Akashicel

You, you were a piece of Atlantis, because you co-created it, your present is a living remnant of what was.

Know yourself and you will know the story.

How long has it been since you last heard of Atlantis?

9 thousand years before Christ, there was Atlantis on this Earth.

Many souls experienced life on Atlantis, as well souls that used to live in Mu, Lemuria, and even representatives of different beings which lived in other realms were present in Atlantis.

The Mu continent sunk long before this, but souls which used to live on Mu came to help Atlantis with its development.

Humans in Atlantis lived up to 12000 years, women usually gave birth at the age of 2000.

In ”the bible”, it is being said that Adam and Eve lived around that date, but Adam and Eve lived in The Mediterranean.

Even devices such as gasometers were given shape in Atlantis:

The hall of Atlantis was the main meeting center place, where we used to gather and as well where many decisions where made.

7943 years before Christ, the sinking of Atlantis happened.

According to the calendar which we subscribe to in today’s time, on Spring, at the beginning of April, the fall of Atlantis took place.

The fall of Atlantis was a plan on a larger scale.

We got visited by beings that lived in other realms at that time, which were interested in putting us to contract work, in our crystals, in our DNA particles, and much more of ourselves and what we had going on in Atlantis.

Some souls that lived in Orion at that time, in their beliefs, wanted to keep everything for themselves and stop human development.

We, giving our consent to such and other negotiations, have allowed this to happen, for nothing can have power over us, unless we ourselves let it.

But, we allowed ourselves to forget, we allowed ourselves to be victims, we allowed ourselves to believe in illusions and to be used as a fuel.

We decided to close our eyes perhaps to remember even more.

To experience the fall of Atlantis was to experience the beginning of a gradual disconnection with our divinity, with ourselves.

Forgetfulness is an illusion, and fear is its cradle.

Our Merkaba, our divine chariot gradually lost its will, our will.

The processes of creation became more and more complex.

Self-healing, teleportation, levitational power, control of our voltage, our electromagnetic waves of telepathic reach were disturbed by believing that other beings had closed our heart chakra.

We forget that humans are beings with a nucleus and this never closes, we even forget that we are more than humans.

Gradual forgetfulness and chronological destruction.

The first suicide in human history was a harbinger of what was to come.

A shockwave, the first day it destroyed all buildings in Atlantis.

Next day, all volcanoes erupted due to displacement of tectonic plates. Something fell in the water.

The third day, parting of the plate started and slowly everything begun to sink, it did not happen all of a sudden, but slowly.

When it did all collapse, someone changed the density of everything in that specific area by some radiation or explosion.

The dracons of Orion misusing reptilians contributed to the sinking of Atlantis.

Most souls which their human vessels age were about 1200 years have passed away.

Survivors of this settled on islands, and even went in the location of today’s Ireland.

After the fall of Atlantis, traces were blurred by changing their density of everything present.

In 7900, the predators using hands of the fallen Anunnaki from Sirius A, injected vaccines to the survivors.

Vaccines contained code of the padlock inhibiting thymic DNA replication.

As a result of these vaccines, souls who lived up to 1200 years on this Earth, successive generations of children were born with an even smaller thymic gland.

After several generations, humans have shortened their life expectancy to 120 years, the lifespan of a lifetime which we ourselves have today, that of course we can change if we wish to.

After the fall of Atlantis, the soul portals which we had established and direct connections between other realms in this galaxy have been sealed and the ice wall has been installed.

The soul portals are still present today, in places such as:


& a couple others.

It is said that they are awaited by the military, but the sacred is never shown to those who seek to destroy, it is only a smokescreen.

One of our tasks on this Earth would be to open up these portals again and connections to the other realms in this galaxy.

Under the ocean, there are remains of Atlantis and many other civilizations of the past, for this Earth has been flooded both on a larger scale and even in between smaller intervals to this day many times before:

The ice wall, still present today, will melt when we stop fighting against each other, when we choose to live in love, as our nature is, or when there will be a major change in this realm that makes it so, which leads us to more conscious evolution, to the love that we are.

Atlantis will never come back, because forgetfulness and fear dissolves.

We have remembered, and we are here to create a new present, we are here to connect and materialize our divinity, and loving is how we started.

Are you ready?

If you have curiosity to learn more about this, if you want to remember more of your natural born abilities, develop some skills, and have some fun, then you are more than welcome to join the seminars, where we will go more in detail with this, and many other topics, such as:

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