Remember, See, Feel, Release, Move Forward ~ Heal

Published January 5, 2023 by tindertender

It feels as tho my emotional body is being manipulated. I can be happy as a lark one minute and pissy the next. Anyone else noticing fluctuation in the emotional body?

Feels like issues with trust are at the forefront. Like the energy of that and the anger caused by those I’ve loved is still needing release, and it’s clinging to whatever subject is at hand, saying, “This is it! This here! Fix it, run away from it, make it gone.”

Unfortunately, these emotions must be seen, felt, processed, released. And it takes work, intentional work, and owning the reality of it. Maintaining emotional balance and well-being is a continuous process. Those who take it seriously work at it all the time, anyway.

I am aware of many who do not dare face themselves, they prefer externalization, like I just did, but inner reflection in the moment tells me more clearly it’s not about “them”, and so I continue to see, recognize, feel, release. Over and over again.

What a day the last couple have been! Hope you are doing well for yourself. Be kind to Self. We are all purging dense energies now, or clinging to them, one or the other.

Oh how I hope this is the end result of a lot of internal confession and prayer and work, hard work, the hardest …. Remembering, seeing, feeling, releasing, and moving forward… step by step.

This brings “light” to the subject.

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