Separation Connection

Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

One piece of really good advice I received, during a period of what some call “nightmares” was to “let the night be the night and the day be the day.”

Another way to say it is “they are over there, and I am here”.

Waking life, sleeping life (“life” never really sleeps).

Sometimes our waking mind can get so wrapped up in the dreamscape and events there it affects our waking moments in a not so beneficial way. It can throw off our thinking, our emotion, and our energy.

Creating separation between these two worlds is necessary, especially if the lines begin to blur out in a big way.

Sanity often requires us to separate from people, places and things … now including time and space.

The thinking mind may say separation is division, but often true expansion cannot be realized without some type of disconnect … ie: meditation. It seems that only in the disconnect can true connection occur.

The dream self has a life, a duty, or obligation, which the waking self probably isn’t entirely aware of. We leave the dream self to do its thing.

Likewise, the waking self has fantasy’s or day dreams, perhaps inspirations seemingly from nowhere for superb creations … in the waking world.

How many aspects of you are there? Do you know their roles and the services they provide in the realms they inhabit? Does every aspect of self look the same?

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