Prayer for the Family

Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

Some Call It Magic

I call it adding the element of fire, color, and oils to my prayer.

I don’t typically share my prayers, but this one is significant, so I plant the seed.

Tonight, I light a seven day white candle for the Blue Clan family.

White is for purity, new beginnings, fresh starts, peace and tranquility.

“Creator, please bless our family’s hearts with renewal. Let us come together in a good way, with love, honor and respect, so we may be a healthy family, supportive of each other, with open hearts and minds. Let us see the bigger picture, and not a narrow view. Let our Prinicple White Chief be honored and respected as the Spiritual Leader and Guide that he is. May we be willing and able to accept his wisdom, and support him as we learn from him, the traditions, with a humble and compassionate heart.”

Candle is dressed with the prayer, rose geranium essential oil for Love, and Frankinsence and Myrhh for the protection of our Spirits as we navigate this new beginning.

I love you all.
I am grateful for this family.
Let us be healed.

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