As I See It

Published September 27, 2022 by tindertender

In lifting each other, nurturing each other, we are in return lifted and nurtured.

Each aspect of the many nations and species of family, gifting time and attention in the collective, receive from many who are doing the same. One unto the other, a simple gift with great return.

If the whole of the collective becomes active in the health and well-being of reciprocity and the symbiotic nature of our togetherness, then we rise, almost effortlessly.

There are a few factions of human-like folks on the planet. Some are from Source, others hi-breeds and replicas. Source beings are powered by Source connection, others must vampire source essence for they do not have connection to Prime Creator.

We are one, yet some empower, while others disempower.

Some cultivate and grow their abundant nature, others thieve that which does not belong to them.

The true reason for illness … vampirism of the temple (the bodies) resources (by the seen & unseen).

Acknowledging oneness does not mean allowing disrespect of one’s essence, which is of Creator.

The self sufficient must decide for themselves whether they wish to be the feast for others, or their famine.

Life will change …

One way or the other,

For everyone.

Develop your “angel wings”.

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