Sound Frequency

Published September 27, 2022 by tindertender

Frequency is used to cause suffering in the collective consciousness, and in peoples lives by our challengers, eg: voice to skull and voice of god technologies.

Since we know frequency works with hypnotism, perhaps speaking or thinking affirmative, loving and compassionate statements while listening to the tone actually helps unravel what the challengers are doing.

I’m going to broadcast 174 hz frequency into the collective which may assist in bringing the other to neutral (since we know that the signal of two equally potent, opposing forces actually cancel each other out, falling into a neutral state). I’ll move up to 285 hz after an hour or so, maybe work my way up the line.

What’s the point of being a multiversal receiver and antennae if we aren’t intentionally looking to experiment, and learn, about the potentials of this gift, this blessing?

Join me if you like.

Change may occur.

Works best with headphones.

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