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What is a Lightbody ~

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Light Body is called “Rainbow body”

The DNA Recoding works at the etheric—the light body level. The Light Body is a gridwork of Light and sacred geometry that electromagnetically links your human and multidimensional self with the Universe to create high electrical currents that assist in manifesting your soul purpose. During our life on Earth the Lightbody is normally dormant. We feel detached from Spirit. As you activate your orginal Cell Blueprint the Lightworker Keys and Codes build this “Light Vehicle, your cellular structure and body undergoes mutation. Your latent DNA coding turns on resulting in the releasing of old emotional and mental blocks. The Keys and Codes help you to develop your ability to be in your Lightbody, understand your soul purpose, develop your ESP, connect to other spiritual seekers, and download the necessary information to lead you home and more.

The Lightbody is a part of sacred traditions across the globe.

In Tibetan Buddhism, it is called “the rainbow body”

In Kriya Yoga, it is called “the divine body of bliss”

In Judeo-Christian tradition, it is called “the resurrection body” and the “glorified body”

In Sufism, it is called the “most sacred body” and “supracelestial body”

In Taoism, it is called “the diamond body” and those who have attained it are called “the immortals”

In the Alchemical tradition, the Emerald Tablet calls it “the Glory of the Whole Universe”

In the Hermetic Corpus, it is called “the immortal body”

In some mystery schools, it is called “the solar body”

In Ancient Egypt, it was called “the luminous body” (akh)

The reactivation of the Lightbody, allows us to fully rewire to higher dimensional frequencies. At this level your 10 strands of DNA along with your 2 connected strands are realigned above your crown chakra. Because DNA is holographic, it can be simultaneously realigned, reconnected and activated. This means that your 10 DNA strands are simultaneously realigned at the top of your head (crown), reconnected into your Crown Chakra and reactivated so that life force energy flows through them again. Once your DNA strands are plugged back into your Crown Chakra, your Star Codes jobs are nearly complete.

As you activate and build this Light Body, your cellular structure and entire physiology undergoes mutation. Shedding bodily density, you will experience mutational symptoms, morphogenic bodily changes, release of old emotional and mental structures and profound energetic shifts. This process has an affect on your perception, emotions and thinking processes. This new state of being requires that we physically, mentally and emotionally let go of 3rd dimensional concepts that create a lower, slower vibrational seed pattern. Letting go is a major part of the change process. We drop off values, relationships, jobs, careers, homes, possessions, that do not support our new way of being.

Activation of the New DNA does not occur all at once. Eventually you will reconnect all 12 helix DNA levels, then activate a secure connection to Mahatma Energy. You learn to harmonize with the new energies rather than be overwhelmed by them. Many individuals still repeat thought forms in the conscious and subconscious which command the old DNA to continue its old tasks. It will function in tandem with the new DNA until you consistently align your perception and consciousness with the Higher aspects of Self. You are activating your I AM Presence … your true self. This may seem strange since it has been such a long time coming.

The process of rebuilding our light bodies is a slow process, but you will begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multi-dimensional. This state will come about when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been reconnected and activated. The result is that you experience life with multi- dimensionality consciousness. You will live in the third dimension while retaining your connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms. We will no longer be cut off from other dimensions as we presently are and we will operate from a state of heart centred compassion, (Christ consciousness).

Church of the Divine Spirit
Art Sarah Vaccariello ~

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