Disengaging From The Matrix

Published May 2, 2022 by tindertender

I see an image of myself standing outside of the third dimension looking at the earth which appears to me as a snow globe and the flurry of moving snowflakes within represent the lower consciousness of humanity limited to the globe.

I stand outside of the globe in my higher self, the still point of expanded consciousness haven broken through the theatre of lower consciousness. I know there are many standing here with me and am told that we no longer battle with the darkness for the light has won.

When we continue to discuss the darkness and battle with them we return to the snow globe and feed into the energy of lower consciousness keeping the show of the low dimensional theatre running. It is time to end the 3D theatre and return humanity fully to the realm of the higher dimensional self. This can be accomplished by standing fully in the power of our illumined selves aligned to the love-light of the Creator and flooding humanity with this light. We no longer discuss the ways of war but fully promulgate the energy of love, joy and peace.

We are emissaries of peace, the divine flame of the Creator, the Holy Spirit of goodness and light. It is now time to manifest peace on earth for humanity by disengaging from the matrix and living fully from the embodiment of the divine self.


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