I Am a Witness

Published April 11, 2022 by tindertender

I’ve been to various realms, visited with folks on both sides of the polar coin. Been led by them, here and there. My energies affected by them, in positive and also in very challenging ways.

I’ve discovered that although people seen and unseen speak of love, the reality is, everyone is involved deeply in their “role”.

They are strategizing on how to win the BIG war. They seek the unsuspecting and brightly shining ones and fit them in “roles” prepared for them. They are never given details or info, they fly blind, led by their “masters”. If they play along, they get protection, until the protection fails.

They are spiritually attacked and mentally tormented for their non-compliance and opposition. The personal energies, physical body and mind are brutalized by advanced technology with attempt to strike fear in the heart and gain obedience through it, or to disrupt the mental facilities so badly that the individual harms self …. it’s a program they are not responsible for, only a victim of.

Games. Role playing. Everyone is so addicted to their “role” they have lost touch with simple and pure love connections.

I Am a Witness, in many realms.

This is what I’ve found over the last 20 years in this realm, this meta verse, and others.

You’re only worthy of protection if you agree to play a role in the meta verse. Otherwise, you must suck it up and be resilient through the attacks of this meta verse.


Fortunately, I know full well there are others beyond the meta verse who are aware of our challenge. They speak through pictograph, mostly. They know our minds are filled with thought implants and telepathic chatter. Even though they “speak” rarely, they do give message through picture, through an intuitive thought, through a memory of song, through a smell or vague taste. Through joyous emotion and peaceful feeling.

I’m ready to return home, to the place from whence I came. I’ve seen plenty.

Someday, perhaps we will all understand what this truly means.

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