Solar Storms!!

Published April 10, 2022 by tindertender

He says the Geomagnetic storm is just missing the earth, but for three days I have been shedding what feels like stored cellular trauma … it’s vacating the premises, but it is NOT pretty!

Time is speeding up, so are Earth Winds.

If these geomagnetic storms are affecting me, in body, as they are …. wonder what is happening to much denser beings. Do you suppose they are being blasted out of the system, or are also purging the dark energies from their body systems?

What of those who wander the earth without body, do you think the geomagnetic storms are having an affect on them too? If so, I wonder what type of affect.

A strong (G3) geomagnetic storm was observed due to an enhanced solar wind stream containing a period of southward Bz. Visible aurora has been reported across many locations from middle to high latitudes.
Geomagnetic Storm G3.
Hold on to your hats!!

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