A Witness

Published April 10, 2022 by tindertender

I Am A Witness.

My life mission was “To learn as much as I can, about as much as I can.”

I didn’t really understand it.

I was put into many dark places.

I saw it all, I was in the thick of it. I WAS it.

Then 20 years ago my awareness of this unseen spiritual battle was birthed.

I became a witness for various places in the astral, dark places, places of cruelty. There was a lack of conscience in the people who did cruel things.

I’ve been to other planetary systems, I stood with the people there. I witnessed their world, and they in it.

I’ve been having trouble this morning over something said to me yesterday. I’ve actually been raging inside. I’ve thrown up my hands and determined astral/angelic family is no different than human family.

I’ve been so upset, cussing and spewing at the angelics and astral family. I’ve emotionally disconnected and become sick inside with disappointment.

I’ve quieted now, after 3 hours of spewing. And a thought form entered mind ….

“The only thing that has changed is your perspective.”

Now I have to study that ….

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