Sacred Union

Published March 20, 2022 by tindertender

A woman’s body is the bridge between Heaven and Earth

We are the Mandorla

We literally transport souls from Heaven onto Earth

We transport men from Earth to Heaven

Our sexuality is suppressed for this exact reason

Sex is essential for Ascension

The Ankh and Twin Flame Union

The Ankh is a symbol of the union between the divine female and masculine energy. The shaft and the womb, the blade and the chalice. The merging or the subconscious (female) and conscious (male). Heaven and Earth.

The energetic pulse of the Planet at this time from the raising consciousness of the human collective with the Divine Solar plasma/ Solar flares increasing resonant frequencies are currently activating dormant DNA strands increasing each individual harmonic fingerprint.

Each soul has a divine harmonic counterpart which many refer to as Twin Flame. The energies at this time are creating many divine unions as contracted for this exact moment in time.

When you are in harmonic resonance with your divine counterpart this creates a circuit of tremendous force of opposing vibration female being magnetic and male being electric or positive and negative polarity.

When initial contact takes place the pull between these two souls is so great it is impossible to control. They will be drawn together against all odds by the Laws of the Universe.

When the electric male enters or plugs into the magnetic female a circuit is create in perfect harmonic resonance.

Once together in a sacred union the SEX will be explosive and the energy will flow like a circle between the two pushing out and blocks in their chakras opening up each chakra creating a full Kundalini experience.

Twin Flame Unions are important for humanity at this time as the sexual energy created during the union of energies is so potent it will allow each individual to bring more light and higher frequency photons into their energy body releasing density.

As each individual then moves about they will individually transmit this pulsating high frequency energy to others they interact with.

During Union between the melody and harmony the dominate female chakras balance the dominant male chakras and vise versa creating balance in each individual. This creates a zero point energy field between the merging chakras.

This zero point energy field is where FLOW STATE is achieved and new energy can be created, deep healing can take place, karmic debt is erased, and the Highest Frequencies of Love and Bliss are experienced.

This is why sex has been weaponized or programmed as shameful or sinful through societal constraints and organized religion. Many have been damaged through sexual energy being used in harmful and abusive ways and many souls carry this through lifetimes.

This has been used to prevent or block the Divine Unions from being open to this experience. As one of the counterparts is typically afraid of love, closeness, or sexual expression.

Porn has been used to numb men to the beauty of the union by programming the objectification of the female sexual body.

All of these blocks have been placed to prevent the divine unions from taking place preventing the powerful force that can be created with a Divine Circuit of Energy.

Everything is micro to macro so as these divine counterparts find each other beyond all odds this will also reflect in the collective. A merging of Heaven and Earth creating a portal where all life is created. The mandorla.

Where 2 souls become 1 bringing new life to the planet.


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