Not Forgotten

Published March 20, 2022 by tindertender

It has been said that the Fallen are here, making love with the humans and procreating demigods.

I’m of the mind that we are all from somewhere else. Many of us come from higher realms. Those in charge of this realm inject all kinds of toxins into the baby body, disconnecting the new life from their higher self, their god source.

We come here to make changes but are trapped into a system of dominance and control, all while our higher self is disconnected and our capacities drawn down into even lower realms than this.

I believe this is why people have such a difficult time with their thoughts. Their minds are tapping into the lower realms by design, feeding that which enslaves us, picking up on the thought forms meant to cause fear in us, the preferred food of the lower realms.

We were once clothed in pure light. This realm has covered our brilliance with flesh, hiding our true nature, burying our heads in the sand, keeping us connected to lower realms and in ignorance.

Many of us are being reactivated, our light bodies coming on-line. Our truest family is here now to collect up all who are ready to return home.

Unfortunately, many are very comfortable in their fallen state, willing to have another lead them, telling them what they must do, how they must behave, who they must hate, keeping them in a constant state of separation.

Some say we are all one. In this world, the lower feeds on the light of the sleeping human, the human light energy is sustenance to the lower realms. Humans are consider “cattle” and they are fed upon energetically as well as physically.

I am quizzed … “the bible says to turn the other cheek” …. of course it does. It was written to keep people subservient, meek, weak. It teaches them to love those who harm you. To an extent, this can be realized, but for those lower beings who feast on the Primordial Light of Source Creation within us, because they chose to walk away from Creator, jealousy causing them to want to BE that …. well, all they can do is mutate creation, they cannot create. All they can do is feast on creation, they can never add to it.

I will not accept that I must give up my life force for another who wants at one ment. They have nothing to contribute to my wholeness, all they do is take.


Feasting while we sleep.

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