Frequency of Harmony

Published March 20, 2022 by tindertender

The Earth’s Frequency is 7.83hz. This is the base frequency of the planet. This is what every plant and animal needs to stay in harmony with existence.

The Schumann Resonance measures the Frequency as energy moves through each layer of the ionosphere.

There are 3 layers of measurement.

Here an an amazing article discussing the effects of energy as it correlates to energy changes of each of the ionospheres.

So why is 7.83hz so incredibly important to humans and how does it relate to the bigger picture 7.83hz correlates the the note Bflat. This tone is inaudible to the human ear but can be felt in our body and all of our cells.

The Schumann Resonance was discovered by W. O. Schumann but was also studies by George Fitzgerald in the late 1890 early 1900’s. This wasn’t really studied until the 50’s.

Did you know Nikola Tesla used the same frequency 7.83hz for his power grid before this information was really well known.

Do you want to know another synchronicity?

A man named Robert Schumann wrote Symphony No. 1. The Spring Symphony in 1839 in the note of B flat.

We need to be in harmony with our environment and when we are out of harmony we become disrupted. Emotionally, mentally, physically our cells become in discourse.

What did Nikola Telsa know about the correlation between our bodies, nature and electromagnetic frequency. He knew we needed to be in harmony with the frequency in order to be healthy.

Everything is frequency and vibration and sound is the basis of our creation.

If B flat is our base frequency it is also where we came from.

B flat also corresponds with color and that color is Violet. Violet is the color of the Crown Chakra. It is Source.

You can trace the sound of B flat into the Universe

Is the key to our creation, our base, who we are all go back to a B flat. God did speak us into creation. Is the B flat the Sound and Color of God. Nikola Telsa knew, The Earth knows, our Bodies know.

Why has our environment and music been manipulated for decades or maybe longer? To keep us out of harmony?

There are specific musical frequencies that bring us back into alignment and harmony. This is a secret being kept from us.

Our bodies communicate through sound via the DNA, sound can be used to bring your biofeedback back into alignment, sound is used for healing. Artificial sounds manipulated sounds, 5G interfere with normal cell communication and DNA transcription.

Animals are also tuned to this frequency. Dolphins and whales emit sounds tuned to 7.83hz and research has been done specifically on the Healing properties of swimming with dolphins. @Xoana_Ra mentioned in a post Dolphins and whales hold the key to healing.

Dolphins Tesla Consciousness.,hemispheric%20synchronization%20in%20the%20brain

Bees use the Schumann Frequency to fly.

Thanks to synchronistic post from @VincentCrypt46 lead me to this video.

Another excellent reference.

Another excellent reference.,of%20our%20brain%20work%20together


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