The World As A Cocoon

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

I entered the Sun to be birthed into this realm. I have a Golden Light Body.

Upon entering this realm I was a clean slate, memory gone, innocent and vulnerable, like all the rest who come here.

The world was a very dark place. Suffering was experienced by my Mother, and the 4 husbands she had while I was growing into young adulthood. That suffering was transmitted to me, I was trained to see myself as ugly, fat, less than … it was a very difficult program to live, and very difficult to undo.

In meditation, I saw the world as my cocoon. The side of my cocoon was splitting. My arms sort of linked to its edges, I opened my arms, moving them up and out to my sides, straight out like a bird or butterfly about to take wing.

The cocoon opened, the edges of it spread out to the sides, my Solar Plexus exposed to my Light Body Family as they stood before me. Behind me were the stars in the dark sky, the violator manipulator on both sides, held in the darkness while the light penetrated me from the front.

My body was in both worlds, the darkness behind me, the bright fiery light before me.

I Am emerging once again, headed to my origin … Reunion with my Beloveds.

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