Creation of Separation

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

Movin’ along, having a great day, smelling wild flowers, walking up steep trails, sittin’ on ledges, looking at the view, maybe even climbing a tree and swaying in the wind with it as the breeze moves its tall body. Hands dirty from playing in soil, in union with the elements.

Hunger makes itself known to the belly so you sit, and take from your pack an orange, a sandwich. You begin to eat. The juice from the orange gets all over your hands and you lick your fingers, the sandwich bread becomes sticky and some of the dirt gets on the bread. A passerby stops and asks you what you are doing, eating your food with dirty hands. Tells you it is unclean, a sin.

If any gravity is given to their perceptions, if any portion of their understanding of ‘rules’ burrows its way into the mind, they will have succeeded in stripping away the innocence of the moment, the free and loving union with the earth now becomes something dirty, tainted.

If these beliefs are adopted as truth, if they are allowed to take form in the mind, then the consciousness becomes restricted. The childlike freedom and joy of union with the earth, with nature, gets stripped out of the mind, and the heart suffers, because it remembers this union as innocent connectedness, as healing and loving.

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