Published February 5, 2022 by tindertender

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Today the angels are bringing in the energy of integration of the Creator’s original divine template. They say now is the time to get back on path, to return to the home the Creator has waiting for you.

The angels say humanity wandered off the path of enlightenment the divine template offered because they were led away by the illusions of the darkness. This is to be no more.

Now is the time for humanity to live glorified and luminous from the love-light of the Creator encoded in the divine template within their DNA fibers. In order to align you to the divine path of the template the angels are sending liquid golden light of the original flash of spiritual conception. This is the ink in the Creator’s pen of encryption and much like a lightning strike, it will ignite the replication of the codes of the divine template blossoming flower of life patterning within your cells to return you to the house of the Creator.

If you would like to receive this golden light of the highest order ask the angels to send this energy to you and visualize this light coating your energy field and absorbing into your cells and DNA. Within the DNA this light will purify any remnants of interference and open the channels of transmission of heaven’s divine harmonics.

The angels say you are now whole, complete and on path. You are a divine child, so treasured and loved by the heavenly hosts.

You are love, and you are very loved.

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