Heavenly Bodies

Published February 5, 2022 by tindertender

It is said that Angels are androgynous. Heavenly Beings who are neither this nor that, but able to be, should they choose.

Perhaps those called Fallen Angels decided they like both genders equally and wish to walk the earth as both all the time. Maybe those who are, walking among us are actually hybrid Angelics of a hierarchal line.

What we see today, with men wanting to be women, and women wanting to be men, is the birthing of this androgynous being into HUman form, but rather than be void of sexuality, both are going to be part of the next HUman …. IF the manipulation is permitted to continue.

I feel the genetics manipulations are less about confusing the human beings sexuality, and more about creating the HUman who is both sexes, a hermaphrodite.

Generation 5 HUman

The return to wholeness, oneness, in the physical.

But this is the inverted idea of coming into wholeness and oneness … at least this is what I’m inclined to think given my current awareness (which is constantly flowing into new awareness). True wholeness is the return of Sacred Union, our Twin Flame/Other half, to the one we now find ourselves to be. As two separate partners in sacred union.

Two Become One in Spirit, Energy, Essence. Auras fully connected and balanced in harmony. True partnership.

Not one physical body to house two genders, but two genders in relationship.

I like to think that two people who have healed themselves and are whole, who come into Divine Union actually have the power of three. 1+1=3

But the direction this world seems to be moving in is 1+1=1

Perhaps I’m overthinking it, but it IS something to ponder, especially these days when everything behind everything looks like it needs to be scrutinized.

The real scoop.

I suppose I’m considering there must be a Divine Partnership, Divine Duality which behaves as a heavenly whole when together, so intertwined energetically, they can afford to keep two separate bodies which affords them a greater amount of experience and pleasure, increasing the power level to 3 as a whole.

Then again, if two people who carried both genders got together, that makes them a 4 and potentially a 5 intensity.

No wonder they want to phase us out.


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