Rewriting History

Published January 9, 2022 by tindertender

Those “rewriting history” should know by now that stating “I will fight you until the end” will never win a battle.

When we fight against something, we give our power and energy to it. The key is to remove self and all sources of energy that can be harvested, and allow the conflict to simply dissipate.

That which is self-sustaining will support itself, individually and collectively.

They still believe, and rightfully so, the masses of humanity are asleep and have no clue what energy does, or how it works.

BTW ~ they are still calling it his-tory. Which says all there is to be said about this rewriting ….. being done by the same violator dominators as before.

It is sad to me really… I thought being here was going to help. I really did. I believed my King …. and truth be known, I still do.

I’m lacking awareness of the current scenario and the attacks keep coming.

The virus caught me and has attacked my heart chakra. Feeling a little off. But as usual during these attacks, I will be resilient through them, endure it, and move on.

The actual new story of humanity should read,

“I will endure you until the end, at which time you shall be cut off from all access to all energies belonging to Primordial Light of Source Creation … You made your bed. And I allowed it.”

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