Affirmations ~ January 12, 2022

Published January 12, 2022 by tindertender

Neuroplasticity happens when connections are made across the neural network in our brain. Essentially, our brain creates super-highways that it travels quickly in response to outside stimuli. Thought patterns that are repeated often create massive highways that the thought travels on. The more the thought occurs, the more it will occur.

One of the most effective ways to reprogram the mind, to reformat the consciousness, is through using affirmative statements. I share with you examples that you may find helpful should you wish to use them to assist in reformatting the thinking mind.

I am part of something much bigger than this individual experience.

I am happy.

I am optimistic.

I make positive action.

I accept the gift of Light.

The old cycle has ended.

I look forward to new experiences.

I forget what I’ve told myself I am.

I forget what others have said I ought to be.

I forget the enmity, the avoidance, the fear.

I forget who I’ve been taught to be.

I awaken to the New Me.

I am a healing force in this world.

I have all that I need within me.

Change is an incredible blessing.

I do not need to know all the details, nor how it is all going to work out.

I take one step after the other. Again. And again.

This is a time of inner focus.

I trust in my abilities and talents.

My Spirit is cleansed.

I still my mind.

I go forth with purpose. I am aware of my sovereign identity and true self.

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