Love & Law

Published January 5, 2022 by tindertender

Excerpts from Love & Law, The Unpublished Teachings, Ernest Holmes

We are learning that this creative process is the result of some activity of thought in Mind, whether it is God’s thought or your thought or my thought. When we think, our thought, we will say goes forth, is immediately surrounded by this Mind that immediately begins to act upon it, just like the creative power in the soil acts upon the seed.

So long as we entertain a negative attitude toward any proposition we are destroying any possibility of that thing happening. For instance, suppose I was sick and wanted to heal myself, so long as I hold thoughts of sickness within my mind I could not heal myself. It is not easy to think you are well when you think you are sick.

I have no responsibility except to create the right kind of mental receptivity. That is the truth. Thus we, who are seeking to demonstrate, we know that all we have got to do is to realize the truth, that is, use the mind in a positive formative way and the Mind, or the power which creates everything and projects it, will do the rest for us. Until we come to the point where we see that this is all we have to do, it is all thought; no matter how hard we struggle, we could not do anything else. All we have to do is to take up the attitude of the expectant receiver, realizing we are scientifically using the law.

If there is a power working this out for me, I have to prove my absolute reliance upon it, I have to let it alone. And so I went about and thought no more about it and today in the most unaccountable way that thing was made possible. Something that would never have entered my consciousness in a thousand years, and it shows that if we dare, and learn to place implicit trust, there is something that honors that faith which we give it.

The thought forms which we have created and with which we have surrounded ourselves, our mental beliefs underneath, the result of our objective thinking and receiving… is termed subjective consciousness; it is that power of attraction or repulsion which the individual mentally sets up within. It is your mind operating; that is all. Your life and mine depend upon the subjective side of our thought.

So when we come to our responsibility, it rests solely in providing the right atmosphere and nothing else. I am giving you a system of thought, and if you want to make a demonstration you can work it out. I would not do it for you if I could. I would be depriving you of a divine right. From the metaphysical standpoint, I say get your arms away from clinging on other people. Dare to be yourself. Where did you think anybody ever got so much that you could not know? Then and there you are foreswearing yourself. I am just as intelligent as anybody who ever lived. You have got to have a kind of decent idea of yourself in metaphysics. Did you ever see a person succeed in business who thought it would fail? You never did and you never will.

Begin to think of your word as the word of power going into it which shall create,. That brings you to the One. This mind makes everything. The spirit, or God, makes everything by thinking, or speaking, and then the thing appears in the visible, and since that life is in you, in your word, you do the same thing.

Here is the way to do it. You are not dealing with conditions. Overcome it. To think of disease creates it. You are dealing only with thought, thought, nothing else., thought and Spirit. Spirit is the thing that thinks in you and so you are dealing only with the activity of Spirit which is thought, and you must believe that that thought is law.

First of all, there is one power, and it is in you. Then for the sake of clear thinking, you state it definitely, say it right out. Now, this word which is spoken is the law. Realize that the law is to be a universal thing. Your word is to go to the universal power which recognizes it. This word is the law.

You have got to practice these things. Take a few moments each day in silence and recognition of Infinite life; Affirm one, It is in me now; two, I can use it, my word goes forth into mind; three, It takes my word and creates it; four, I see in my life the thing which it has created.

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