Affirmations ~ January 5, 2022

Published January 5, 2022 by tindertender

Neuroplasticity happens when connections are made across the neural network in our brain. Essentially, our brain creates super-highways that it travels quickly in response to outside stimuli. Thought patterns that are repeated often create massive highways that the thought travels on. The more the thought occurs, the more it will occur.

One of the most effective ways to reprogram the mind, to reformat the consciousness, is through using affirmative statements. I share with you examples that you may find helpful should you wish to use them to assist in reformatting the thinking mind.

I deserve the blessings that are coming my way.

I rest, restore and replenish.

I get in to my body.

I take time to experience myself.

I embrace this time of transition.

I will reach for the next level and succeed.

I continue my healing work and know without doubt I am healing.

I receive the gift of love and the happiness of a new beginning.

I tune in to the bliss that moves me.

I honor my dreams and my inner guidance.

I am led to the best place to be, in divine right order.

A final confrontation of cumulative negativity is at hand. I challenge these experiences and gain insight and wisdom as I move on.

There is infinite possibility.

I am connected to the greater universal whole.

I heed natural laws.

I am filled with healing energy.

I release worries and challenges from the past, they fade away.

I focus on the joy that surrounds me.

I am encouraged and excited about wonderful promises that are being kept.

I allow myself to experience humility and forgiveness.

I celebrate and enjoy my life.

I believe in a new and better life.

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