Applying the Universal Laws to Life

Published January 5, 2022 by tindertender

The 12 universal laws can help many with everyday life
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There are 12 ways to apply the universal laws to life:

  • Law of vibration: You’re in constant motion that can inform your lived experience. This means that if you are manifesting a certain lifestyle, you have to adjust yourself to that desired level. You can apply the law of vibration by participating in mindful practices that promotes good vibes.
  • Law of attraction: The most popular of the bunch. It is used for manifestation. You basically attract what you focus on. You apply the law of attraction by believing what you are manifesting.
  • Law of oneness: Everything is connected. It is the first and most foundation law of the universe. This is activated when compassion is exercised and the fact that we are all one is accepted.
  • Law of compensation: Whatever you sow, you will reap is the mantra for the law of compensation. This law is activated when you contribute to what you’re manifesting.
  • Law of gender: Relates to masculine and feminine energy that exists in all things. To apply this, you have to achieve balance between the two.
  • Law of cause and effect: All actions have a reaction whether good or bad. You might not experience the effect right away but it is sure to happen.
  • Law of relativity: Your reality boils down to perception. It allows you to understand life with a greater compassion and comparison.
  • Law of perpetual transmutation of energy: Your actions are proceeded by thoughts and tend to fluctuate. You activate this law by remaining positive regardless of surrounding energies.
  • Law of polarity: There is a positive and negative to everything. You can activate this law by uncovering what’s happening on the opposite end of the spectrum.
  • Law of rhythm: This law promotes fluidity. You should activate this law by acknowledging your inner rhythm and not fight against it.
  • Law of correspondence: If your life appears to be out of order or you’re content, it is a reflection of what’s happening internally.
  • Law of inspired action: Similar to law of action, you attract what you want in life. You activate this law by creating a space for internal guidance.

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