Relationships In Time

Published January 5, 2022 by tindertender

Our relationship with the trees and the plants is symbiotic. They cleanse and purify our negative energies releasing them back out into the world in a balanced way. They take our breath, the carbon monoxide of our breath, and they purify and release it back out for our next breath.

But there are violators in the system who harvest the energy we have within us, we release it into the atmosphere … cheering for games, fear based emotion and anger due to the manipulation of mass media and movies … this energy is meant to go to our beloved Earth.

The trees and the plants are suffering because their symbiotic energy exchange with human and other life is being hijacked by violating dominators seeking power.


I visited a very dark place in the astral. The people were not permitted to use the bathroom facilities in the night when the city was dark. I asked a masculine their, do what do we do? He said, make an excuse and use it anyway.

I believe this was a glimpse of the violator/oppressors “kingdom”. Little light, little energy, little resources, and certainly not enough for those ensnared. They are experiencing great scarcity. Many of them will be lifted out of that space (maybe?) and into the true kingdom. I am so grateful to my beloveds for showing me.


Some beings cannot be in water, or cross water. This is why having a humidifier in your bedroom decreases negative dream space experiences. Salt bathing eliminates other intruders from the sleep space.


What if Geoengineering is actually a tactic to keep the unseen violators in their hole, so they can be rousted up?

What if those who mean to harm, and those who mean to free, both have and use this technology.

The Time Master, The True King, is reigning supreme with His family. It’s only a matter of “time” now before every living being, in all dimensions and realities, see it.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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