Still A Part Of Nature

Published January 5, 2022 by tindertender

Someone made a comment to me recently saying, “I would be happy when Humans can go back to Nature.” I’ve been pondering this for days. When were Humans told they WEREN’T Nature? Where did the concept of separation of man & nature come from?

Did it come when they put shoes on our feet to stop us from grounding with the Earth? Did it come when they put fake hair, nails & make up on women to say our natural appearance was not good enough?

Did the separation happen when they gave us “concrete jungles” to live in and packed us in metropolis areas that seemed like a step up but really were cages? Did our separation come in when the Internet began chaining us to desks and time clocks ticked away?

At some point, while you sat in your office looking out the window didn’t a reminder come?We overlooked the bird as a simple thing. We took butterflies and bees as just “insects”. We took trees for granted as just sources for paper. We took the grass as an annoyance to mow.

But where did those ideas come from? Was it all the perverse system that we were born in to? Or are we also to blame for allowing the eyes that God gave us to become glazed over for material objects and a false sense of “success”.

The man or woman who can go out on a hike and be met by the Sun and know that it’s the Creator’s presence should be the success. Not the man with Millions sitting at a lonesome desk.

The man or woman who can share a bond with an animal and understand the emotions of that being is a success. Not the conglomerates that are built off slave wages and humans backs.

The man or woman who can be alone and in the quiet and feel the Love still beating in their chest EVEN AFTER this world has tried to destroy it; THAT’S THE SUCCESS WE ALL SHOULD STRIVE FOR.

But at no time, through any of these situations or circumstances do I recall anyone saying to us, YOU AND NATURE ARE NO LONGER 1. Because every tree, drop of honey, body of water, blade of grass and animal all came from the CREATOR MOST HIGH. And so have YOU!

Satan has been so busy thinking all of his tricky ways and traps were going to prove that we all would turn away from God. And while many have accepted the way things are… A vast majority has AWAKENED to SEE the Illusions.

But part of SEEING is also RECOGNIZING that the Creator has been awaiting you to look up, to feel his presence and remember the “Foot Steps in the Sand”. When you think he has left you…. He was really carrying you through the Valleys.

For that, a Spirit of Gratitude needs to come upon us that are still here. We are still standing. We are still Awake. We are still Alive as a Collective and as a part of his grand design.

Man/Woman are still a part of Nature. And Nature is still a part of you. Just open your eyes a little wider.

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