Find The Lesson

Published January 5, 2022 by tindertender

“Perhaps it hasn’t one,” Alice ventured to remark.

“Tut, tut, child!” said the Duchess. “Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”

Alice is struggling to find any meaning in what is taking place in Wonderland, particularly when she is at the court of the Queen of Hearts. She is puzzled, confused and feels very much like complaining. The truth is, there is a lot for you and Alice to complain about. People are not cooperating with each other. There is a great deal of disorganization and chaos. People are quarrelling and not getting along. The volatile nature of what is taking place can make you feel like there is no sense to any of this at all. But, as the Duchess points out, everything has a moral – or rather, everything has a lesson within it. And this is the struggle for you right now.

Rather than forcing yourself to find the lesson, the better approach is to trust there is a lesson. Trust that you are learning and that this experience will come to be valuable in time. It is a very strange and trying place you find yourself in, so be patient with yourself. Understand that it is natural to feel frustrated, impatient and confused, but trust. Trust there is a reason for this and in time you will come to know the purpose of this bizarre, topsy-turvey and very trying time.

Upheaval. Quarrelsome people. Disputes, antagonism and confusion. Uncertainty about the purpose of a situation. Feeling frustrated and ready to complain. Let it go to the Universe, ask the Universe for clarity and trust that time will bring an understanding of the lessons this uncomfortable adventure is teaching you.

Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

~ the Alice Wonderland oracle by Lucy Cavendish

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