Connectedness in Relationship

Published April 10, 2021 by tindertender

Relationships that are harmonious, truly connected and successful are that due to the amount of nurturing and care we put into it … the consistent effort. Key word … Consistent.

Any time we do something half-assed, expecting full beneficial results is simply an effort wasted.

This goes for our physical relationships … friends, lovers, family … as well as our relationship with Spirit … the Angelics, our Guardians, Guides, Ancestors and others beyond the physical who’s desire is to assist us.

We must create the “connection” … the silver thread or cord that allows us Union.

In the physical, we do this by assisting, by listening, by caring and the sharing of our heart, our innermost self. By allowing others to be who they are without negative judgement, and expecting the same for self. If the “allowing” does not sit well with us, it simply means we are not a vibratory match and it’s time to move on.

In the Spiritual, we do this through prayer, through ritual. The prayer (or as I like to think of it, “conversation”) and the ritual must be consistent, a daily practice, preferably at the same time every day.

Although I am not a religious person, I am fully aware of our brothers and sisters in the astral realms who have capacity to influence life … some beneficially, others in different ways … to be utilized as “lessons”.

Whatever connections we intend, we must be consistent, and mentally present in our desire for connection.

If we wish to create a positive experience, we must consistently focus on its creation. Think positively, see the beauty in life, be grateful for the challenges and appreciative of the lessons learned through the experience. Love the Earth, spend time in nature. It nourishes the Soul and our connection to the Living Elementals.

If we are consistently thinking about how shitty life is, that consistent thought trail will grow stronger and it will be what we see more of.

If we wish for assistance and union with the Angels, Guardians, Guides and Ancestors, we must include them in our prayer, private spiritual conversations, and ritual … Daily. We must nurture the relationship just as we would with a physical partner, or friend.

Change and assistance does not come by periodically evaluating the circumstances of our lives, and finding them dissatisfactory, making prayer of assistance, pleading for things to turn around.

No thing “turns around” or transforms until we become an active, consistent participant.

Long story short ….

If you want a healthy physical relationship with companions, family or friends, you must nurture it and be fully present with it … otherwise the beautiful silvery cord of that connection with desolve and disappear.

If you want the Angels, Guardians, Guides, Ancestors to be present in your life, speak to them daily, have ritual inviting them in. You must, in order to grow that silvery cord of connection. Similar to an umbilical cord … it gives the relationship Life.

Nurture that which you wish to grow and be healthy in your life.

We have so many helpers in the unseen waiting for us to strengthen our connections so they can properly assist, with power and vitality.

Who you are connected to depends on what you are nurturing.

Everyone has choice.

Focus on crap, you’ll get more crap.

Focus on nurturing, on beauty, on friendly, powerful, loving connections, you’ll get more of that.

It’s simple Laws of the Universe.

What’s in your heart will manifest.

I am fully aware of those who usurp our will with their own, causing us pain and suffering of all kinds. I am aware that many do not survive these instances.

While we have Choice, let us use it wisely, and to our benefit, for the relationships we build, seen and unseen, benefit ALL participants … and the outcomes for each.

The Silver Cord of connection to the Angelics
The Master Rituals of Protection in this book are very useful and will help you create that bond, that beautiful and powerful connection with the Archangelics.

If you are interested in taking charge to create positive change in your life and are looking for materials, I highly recommend Mastering Alchemy. There are many opportunities located at their website,

One of their books:

Here is a link for many YouTube discussions, very good place to start if you are unsure of a commitment to the courses just yet.

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