Awakened Seeker

Published April 10, 2021 by tindertender

For truly the awakened seeker is caught between two worlds. Not necessarily stranded or snared but certainly aware of and needing to relate to worlds that seem very separate. Responding to the demands of physical incarnation, the need for supply, warmth, shelter, food, clothing, and all the considered necessities of the life is, in itself, not an easy or simple task.

The question of worth is always present. What is worth more, free time or more money? What is worth more, intensity of effort or material success from effort? Questions like this are not easily answered and in the context of an everyday life it seems that these demands of supply and finding ways of meeting [the] challenge of each day create more than enough opportunity for new things, new experiments, new ways, and new directions.

At the same time as this world of the horizontal takes up the three dimensions of your days there is at the same time within you, a vertical life that seeks always to reach higher and to go deeper, to find the springs of inspiration within the roots of consciousness and to find the guidance from up above. And it comes through earnest desire and persistent asking.


Artwork by Silvio Vieira

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