Actual ENERGIES on Earth

Published February 5, 2021 by tindertender

As everything is rapidly changing in the world, the only constant is your connection to SOURCE.

What is playing out on the world’s stage is in constant flux.

Many are unsettled and uncertain about the current reality.

Just remember that everything in the third-dimensional world is not really “real.”

It is part of the “matrix” which is simply a reflection of the Collective and the Individual Consciousness.

This matrix is responding to the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of each individual, as well as that of humanity as a whole.

The only way to change the reflection in the matrix and ultimately leave the matrix into the Higher Dimensions is to forge a strong connection to SOURCE.

The more attention you are paying to your connection to SOURCE, the less attention you’ll pay to the reflection in the matrix.

The more attention you are paying to your connection to SOURCE, the more you are able to feel the Divine Perfection of SOURCE.

The more you are feeling the Divine Perfection of SOURCE, the more you are able to bring it into your Emotional, Mental, and Physical body.

Once you have accomplished that, you are BEginning to create a Powerful Momentum that will then, in turn, change your experience of the world.

You are BEginning to change your experience from the inside outwards into your reality.

The more you are radiating the Divine energies of SOURCE into the matrix, it BEgins to change.

Eventually, the lower energies of the third-dimensional world will leave your reality, because they cannot sustain themselves in your Higher Vibrational Energy Field.

You are NOW connecting to the Higher Dimensional Reality and every day, you are making this connection stronger.

All of a sudden experiences are entering your reality that are New and of a Higher vibration of Love, Joy, Ease, Abundance, and Well-being.

Without Physically leaving your place, Energetically, things BEgin to Shift HIGHER, your Divine Connection to SOURCE BEcomes stronger and you are BEcoming a NEW Person in a NEW Reality.

Welcome to the Divine New Earth!

We are Holding the vision of the Divine New Earth with you and from our vantage point, it is Glorious.

You are Loved beyond measure.

Let me also bring some messages for the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Lightbringers and starseeds (sorry,-))

Truth is transparent.

Human beings have many chances in their lifetime to evolve and connect to their astral body. Evolution is taking place on Earth but is not helping the planet’s vibration to rise. All beings that reincarnate on Earth are responsible for connecting to her energies, help the vibration to rise and the trauma to be healed.

We are not quite satisfied with the evolution on the planet and this is why we have sent all OF YOU on Earth to transmit and receive energies from the higher realms.

The purpose of this teaching is to wake you up to your truth which has nothing to do with materialism, consumerism, and manipulation but it is a life of truth, higher consciousness, and supporting others to rediscover their true self. If you wish to be a creator that is the path you have to take.

When people finally open their eyes and become able to see beyond the illusion, they will be faced with a horrible, unspeakable, and monstrous reality.

Some of them will be shocked and in order to protect themselves from trauma, they will be tempted to close their eyes and return to the illusion.

I say to you that you have to face the horrible situation that surrounds you in order to regain power and start your transformation.

Many of you have started to wake up to some of the truths and have realized that what you were told, believed, and taught was false. There is a thick net of manipulation that controls most people’s lives on Earth. Trying to get away from it, at first it will make you feel confused and disorientated but you have to go on.

When you follow your intuition, you will rediscover your purity, your driving force.

Some of you do not understand what we mean by the term purity and I want to help you understand. Purity is this part of you that cannot be affected by any sort of manipulation, fragmentation, and distortion. All beings carry purity in them. It is their light, which was given to them when they were created. It is the link between the being, the god, and the source.

When you follow purity, you are truly happy and satisfied; able to make your greatest contribution in your life and in the life of others; transform yourself and others.

Have no doubt as to what your purpose is and you will be able to fulfill it.

This is why I always say it’s too little to “pray Love & Light & Namaste” without acknowledging the bitter truth here. Some become even upset when they get “confronted” with Pedophilia, Satanists Agenda, Child Torture and Murder because they think in “facing” the truth they “lower their own vibration”. This is the moment where my light turns always into a “purge with fire” for those people. Nobody can and will ascend in denial of the truth….

And in reference to 3D truths I’ll bring after a break some info’s from above majestic.

Well let`s bring some insights from Above Majestic about…..DEATH Many individuals at their moments of Death and encounter with Death report talking to a select few individuals. It is the understanding in this download that the two people reflect: the exoconsciousness projection of your ego and your subconscious reflection of your ego at death.

Trust in yourself is key.

Truth resonates from within and the universal life force is love, so those who we hurt in our lives are not shown love, therefore we all have negative “karma” built up in our lives.

The moment of Death provides an IS-BE (your “God”, “Creator”, etc.) the chance to meet its ego (self awareness in 3D) with its exoconsciousness (the person who others saw you as through your decisions upon them) with their subconscious (the desires and sacrifices held within seen only through your eyes). It is at this moment when your true self is seen and your able to clearly see your path forward. Many people stray from this path and they have lost their way of LIGHT.

Every child just wishes to be loved and cared for. Therefore, we are now at a time (remember, time is a marker for events but an illusion in distance between events) where our consciousness will be able to make the proper choices and seek these answers from within PRIOR to Death so when you do meet these two individuals you know what you’re going into.

The power you have to manifest the reality you seek begin with your intentions behind every interaction you have. Synchronicity unlocks the universal creative energy force and allows your thoughts to percolate into reality. Many Secret Society ET derived cults are threatened by mainstream disclosure and instead demand the impossible (absolute full disclosure of all knowable information to be) and corrective demands with promises of ascension and higher vibrational living. Free will lets you experience all frequencies and punishment for transgressions are evidence that cult mentalities are being employed to enforce conformity.

Question: Why does the cabal do sacrifices? They get high from adrenochrome? What does the demon/ET give them in return? Favors? Are they consuming the flesh and blood or the fear energy “loosh”?

Answer: “Sacrifices allow us to live.” (Vampyrs/living dead)

Q: Can a clone even be animated without an IS-BE occupying it?

A: AI can occupy a clone.

Q: Are the planets Saturn and Jupiter sentient or do they just represent energetic concepts?

A: Planets are lifeforms – IS-BE

Q: Do SRA victims with fractured minds have multiple IS’s within their single BE, or is every Altar a piece of the whole IS?

A: No, they experience multiple alternative realities inside the same body because trauma unlocks areas of consciousness that give your IS-BE “God like abilities” of intuition and judgement despite being completely incapacitated by your handlers. Ying/Yang. Everything seeks balance.

Q: How many people have access to Looking Glass tech?

A: Less than 100.

Thinking in 12D is pure unity.

IS-BEs can access these areas of higher dimensions through thought. However your physical existence is in the 3rd Dimension, therefore in order to drop dimensions, you need to compromise information to remain compatible between IS-BEs involved.

Mental dimensions of empathy are different than the physical dimensions of reality. They are one in the same thing, however Ying/Yang.

Thought to Creation. Choice to Action. Free will dominates all reality.

Many IS-BEs surrender their free will due to mind control. Only seeing the truth will set one free, but in order to accept the truth, you must be willing to unlearn everything you once believed and start anew.

Suggesting that ones words of thought are associations to existence in the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions means your awareness of them is what counts. Full awareness of unity is existing in the 12th dimension, however weakness of being human degrade your ability to remain constant.

You can perceive it as a “game” – a very brutal one but anyway. You can observe the Matrix but not engage with it. This is the way to “unplug” and still be here.

And the only who you should trust is YOURSELF. Not the mind (often programmed) but your higher self.

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