Energy Manipulation

Published February 5, 2021 by tindertender

I woke in the wee hours of the morning with a blackness in my solar plexus. I know now this is not fear, but a picking up on an energy that is near.

I was taken behind a veil in the astral. I was “tested” …. my character, my ‘attitude’. It seems to be different in the astral than it is while awake.

Someone planted some dirty, crap energy into MY solar plexus energy center.

I felt off most of the day, my happiness elusive.

I went to the bank and proceeded to have a cuss-out session with the controllers of the matrix, pissed I am at the interference they force onto life, onto the unsuspecting, onto the innocent.

As I sat here at my computer I remembered the sensation in my solar plexus, and I feel it now as well, only this time it is sort of like a sharp instrument sliding around in that location on the inside.

And it became clear to me that my emotional/mental body had been infected by the intruder of the night, the unseen who long to possess and control my energy and actions … they really want my soul. **It’s so beautiful**

But since I AM the soul, since this is my Life Force, my very Essence … I must insist on retaining it, and the light and power which resides therein.

Thankfully this realization came to me, recognizing the solution is to drink a LOT of water to flush that energy out.

Now I know that burst of foul behavior was not mine, but my essence being toxified by one who longs for me to carry their load … their putrid load.

Balance …

We all long for it.

Some of us work on creating it in self.

Others force the unsuspecting to carry the toxins for them … they offload their refuse, and then say it belongs to the ones they offload it to … and even punish those who cannot properly transmute it.

I am so sick of freeloaders who dump their toxic waste onto the pure while demanding to be recognized for their “authority”.

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