21 Golden Rules For 2021

Published January 16, 2021 by tindertender

Enjoy, people, and keep the vibration high!

1) Above all else, be direct and be honest. Be the one that says what has for too long gone unsaid.

2) Love insanely. Let it all out into the open. You don’t have time to hold back any longer.

3) Make yourself strong. Physically strong, emotionally strong, spiritually strong.

4) Practice radical detachment and letting go. We need to create space for the new paradigm to emerge.

5) Learn to enjoy being patient in allowing things to unfold naturally without forcing anything.

6) Express yourself like you never have before. Be more real. Be more raw. Be more open. Be more bad ass. Be more you.

7) Let death* be all the motivation you need to do anything you want to do.

Notice: Live every day as if it would be the last.

8) Don’t be surprised when things work out far better than you could have imagined.

9) Give away as much freedom to others as you can stand, then give them more. Let them have their stupid differing opinions, or whatever, and just keep on loving them with everything you’ve got.

10) Do not allow your mind to take the wheel. Steer with your heart.

11) Make personal evolution your prime directive and watch how quickly your life changes for the better.

12) Be the person in the room that laughs and smiles the most, showing others how to brush off the madness of the world.

13) Conserve your energy until it is time to move, then do so with maximum potency.

14) Stay close to the things you can control and distance yourself from those things which you cannot.

15) Teach everything you’ve learned so far. Participate fully in the growth of others.

16) Create relationships, fix relationships, find common ground, build bridges, and be there for others.

17) Learn to fiercely observe the world and the people around you.

18) Rewrite the rules as needed for maximum ease and minimum stress.

19) Let yourself cry, scream or whatever as needed in order make sure you are a conduit for negative emotions, not a reservoir.

20) Practice, practice, practice. Engage in your daily practice every single day. Cultivate your inner peace and strength through the continuity of your intentions.

21) Maintain the highest possible vibration you can and make a point of being infectious to others.

Source: https://twitter.com/karina89350882?s=21

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