Control Through Fables

Published December 20, 2020 by tindertender

When you really know about Thoth the Atlantean and stuff, you will discover that talking about Christ as a saviour is for uninformed amateurs

Next time you read the bible, remember you are reading a folktale

All that sh#t never happened. It is a book to mess up with your imagination. Just for you to feel like a grasshopper among giants

The aim of the secret operation book of the Sourceless beings, the BIBLE, is to make us believe that there is a huge, powerful God in heaven

And we are just weak, miserable sinners in this mess

Well, that mission has failed. The church shall no longer have any Source beings soon

Once they realise that it’s only them left in church, then they will close that curtain, and be the loudest to say, it’s a book of nefarious folktales

The truth shall come out in this generation. Buckle Up

Everything you see and know was created out of a folktale

Make your own folktale about who you are and make it come to pass

For you to ascend, you have to be healed, emotionally, physically and mentally

Otherwise, you will be having too much base energy for ascension

You need to be whole and it’s your responsibility to be whole

Psychotic illnesses emanate from trauma

Trauma is caused by loving people who don’t love you back

When will people learn that loving other people who dont love you back is the worst favour you can do against yourself?

This universe is for the fight of Gods

You defend yourself

You revenge yourself. Otherwise, you won’t heal emotionally

“Spiritually,” whatever you are missing has been stolen by other people (entities)

Your duty is to get it back

You mustn’t think that you will get it back over a cup of coffee

We are going to reverse the whole process now

Think of reverse – engineering

Reverse engineering is anti-gravity process

Thus, we will float

It’s done individually

What is needed are the pace setters so that others can copy. It’s a personal journey

The density in this world that inhibits our ascension is created by “unhealed” emotions

As long as you have something you ain’t happy about, physically, emotionally or mentally, it means you are creating massive density that prevents liberation of the soul

The theme of the Avengers is very true. Thanos is the Dermiurge (biblical God). The Infinity stones that he wanted are the Source souls, we are a limited number

Their last version, Endgame, says it all. This is the final showdown btwn dark and light . The winner take all

I don’t watch movies. I have never been a big fun, but I might know abt some block busters

Since I now know that it’s the responsibility of individual souls to avenge themselves, the movie, Avengers came to mind

Hollywood might be creepy, but it tells the truth more than your pastor

So, I have been told that, the reason why we have sickness, is bc it’s a targeted assault on Source souls, so that they increase their density

The Sourceless souls can pretend to be sick as actors and also for simulating the consciousness of the Source souls

Remember, there is NO REFEREE in this universe

You are on your own, kid

The use of alter -ego, is about you simulating your consciousness to reach your divine destination

Your alter ego is a code from your soul about who you really are

The reason why they are against it, is bc they don’t want us to live “inside out.” That would make us invictus

There is no help outside of yourself

Being told to seek God is the worst fraud ever

That’s how they steal our divine power, by telling us that we are weak vessels that need a chaperone. Churches are full today because of that

Religion is being used by the Sourceless beings to create prison for the sovereign divine beings

Religion is sugar coated with love. So people can’t open their eyes to the fact that it’s a death camp

If all the Source beings wake up, we wld need to imprison the Sourceless beings who have imprisoned us for billions of years

We will create a permanent prison (astrally), then simulate our consciousness 2 forget that we even created such a prison, 2 seal their fate permanently

The only real power that exists is that of the Source beings

Thats why I would want us to forget abt the imprisonment so that our thoughts will not give them “light” whatsoever. It will be a hopeless prison for them, utter darkness, utter dejection, utter despair

The foundation of all religions is FEAR

No fear, no religion

The reality you are experiencing, you created it

They just gave you wrong information so that you create your own hell

No God outside of you

You are the DOER. Remember that

We are this f#cked up, consciousness wise because they told us lies, we believed and manifested them

The universe speaks to us in many non- verbal ways, especially through the use of animal behaviours and sounds

We have been trained to hear only “intelligible” sound. This has confined us to lies spoken by “intelligible” manipulators

The other things speak from emotions


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