An Intentional Community

Published December 19, 2020 by tindertender

Located in the forest is a lodge.

It is our base.

People live harmoniously here, contributing the skill set they have ornately within them. With love, we will share and care for one another, lifting every member of the community, as we ourselves will be lifted.

There will be a large hearth and fireplace where members of this family that has chosen each other can sit and read or share stories, enjoying each other’s conversation.

There will be a community library.

There will be individual sleeping quarters for members of this community.

There will be a building dedicated to the art of stitching. It’s windows will be many so those who create in this way can watch the wildlife play, and come and go. Whether one choose to sew cloth or stitch leather, spin thread or yarn, or crotchet and knit … they will be there.

There will be a building dedicated to the art of woodworking. All equipment necessary will be available. All who wish to be there, will be there.

There will be another structure dedicated to meditation, song, and any form of music making.

There will be communal bathroom, apart from the main lodge, where those in cabins and simply moving about on the day to day can relieve themselves. There will be septic and the river flowing nearby is safe from any form of pollution.

Mineral springs will be available for bathing. There will be no need for vanity or paranoia, all family members will understand the body as sacred, not as something to be perverted.

There will be a community garden. All members take part in the caretaking of nutrition. Planting, tending, preserving the foods, and preserving seed for the following years crop.

There will be a beautiful, year-round Greenhouse for fresh foods even in the cooler months.

Much like Brietenbush Lodge, the main house will be where the community kitchen is. We will cook together, eat together, and clean up afterward together. We will create lovely vegan and vegetarian meals from our efforts in this garden.

We’ll have a root cellar where we store the preserved food supply.

Traditional cellar full of food jars of pickled vegetables on shelves in butuceni village

We will raise sheep and llamas for there coats, the fur we can spin into threads and yarn for sewing and knitting. Did you know llamas are used as “herd guards”?

We will raise goats for milking. We will use that precious source to create cheeses, butter and other delicacies. These little beauties will assist in the maintenance of foliage.

There will be specific tasks needing completed. A work sheet listing these tasks is made available, where members with specialized skills (and they all have specialized skills) agree to co-create a completed project. Planning together, creating together, building a life together.

As other communities arise, we will build relations, knowing what we know from the corporate experiment, we will create a softer way of living … with each other, the various life forms sharing the planet, and the Earth, with her clear and clean running streams.

This is the initial phase, setting intention. I await eagerly those who choose to become part of this community.

I am so excited to meet you!

I love WE … the concept of a humongous family who chooses each other, to lift each other, as we in turn shall be lifted by others, so amazing! Oh! The power of collective intention!

2 comments on “An Intentional Community

  • Stay in touch. Currently, we are building momentum around this intention. The more who participate in building momentum, the sooner it will become manifest. Welcome sister. Bless you. ❤️


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