Oracle Reading 12-15-2020

Published December 15, 2020 by tindertender

Keep a watchful eye open at all times. There are those who wish you didn’t see beneath the surface of their realities. Protect yourself or others will take advantage of you. You are naturally discerning and intuitive. Continue to listen and observe so you won’t miss the subtle messages. Remember, even in the darkness, you see what others cannot. Once the view is unobstructed, aim for the heart, the center – go silently after your desires and dreams. Along the way, you will encounter people who are apprehensive around you because of your psychic abilities and intuition. Stick to your truth.

Abundance is in the truth. Seek the root of the matter, which will help you understand the foundation of an issue.

Eagle is here to help you see the big picture … and the minute details. You have courage and focus. Nothing can stop you. You have the ability to soar above and see with acute clarity. You see the whole, and the detail. You have spiritual power. You conquer fear with courage and daring, it energizes and focuses you. You see the whole picture while bringing one idea into line. You are free, you are freedom. You have abilities to accomplish it all.

A Shaman journeys to the upper world for enlightenment and creativity. Look up to the sky for spiritual direction. Lift your spirit to the heavens for unlimited energy.

Use your constructive abilities during long nights to build on what you have started on the material plane. Concentrate on your career and your personal achievements, and you will master them and receive appropriate recognition and honors for your work. Your leadership skills will be amplified, however, your work in the world and in public affairs needs to be balanced with spiritual matters. Remove any restrictions and get on with life. You are achievement.

You are assertive, don’t back down. Fight for what you want. Your care and custody of that which you defend is strong and assertive. You clearly define the lines of conflict and power struggles. You are quick to express feelings especially if you feel threatened or are cornered. Your judgements are keen and swift. Fight for your rights. You may need to defend the principles you say you believe in … be prepared to stand up for what you say you believe. It is time to “walk your talk”. You may need to get your feelings out, cry, blow your top, bare your teeth, you’ll feel better once you let go. Turn your anger into passion. Get to the bottom of things. Assimilate everything you need to know for healing.

The ability to survive is based on pacing yourself, no unnecessary movement. Your love is deep and powerful, emanating from a pure heart. Your loyalty is fierce yet gentle. You are capable of great accomplishment. You have stamina and strength to go the distance. Pace yourself. Are you taking care of your body and your spiritual needs? You can accomplish much from the strength of purpose deep in your heart but not if you are “unwell” or “burned out”. Reestablish your connection to your own feminine or masculine nature. Go within, find the piece of the puzzle that provides answers to the riddle. Once found, release it, let it go, allowing unconditional love to flow freely in your experience. You are majesty and beauty.

Reading from the deck “Shaman Wisdom Cards” created by Leita Richesson

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