The Kingdom of God is Within You

Published December 2, 2020 by tindertender

We are in a psychic war.

Many are unsuspecting.

Giving away access to their minds.

Channeling and thru mediumship, thru partying and any form of lowering of guard.

Those against us, once access is gained to our mind, view our dream state … the human dream state.

They must be human … they are very strict about this.

Some not so nice fellas want access to the Kingdom of God … that which is within you, within WE.

This is all kingdoms that we have access to, all places, in all dimensions.

The Kingdom of God … that the Human mind has access to, that which might be the race, the creation and creators that actually hold it all together, safeguarding the life therein.

When the infiltrators do this accessing … they eventually can ‘infiltrate’ all levels of a mind on a planet and planetary systems.

It might not be that they have all the technology … it might be that they require the human “organic portal” to get to some of these places.

This is what they are after.

The Organic Portals.

The WE that are holding these levels together.

It is wise to end habitual patterns that weaken the auric field … drinking, smoking, drug use. These things simply leave one open for infiltration.

Is it a wonder that liquor and now cannabis are legal while many harder drugs have been decriminalized?

It should not be. It’s a plan.

This, is the harvest.

It may be too late for me, and others.

I woke with an audience who had been observing my astral travels. One very strong sounding aspect of the masculine stated, “She’s like the last one”.

They remember these travels that I have forgotten pretty much right after I woke … they faded for me, but the audience recollects it all.

One comment on “The Kingdom of God is Within You

  • Greatly important points my dear! I’m in slow mode, which for me is a challenge because I read and channel so much energy naturally yet I am being gentle with myself while I grieve. The battle is real and with so much light pouring in that has allowed many to quickly ascend, evil is kicking up a storm trying to hold on. Light will prevail. Evil has no chance at the war this time. Be well my dear, so much ❤ to you ❤

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