Opinions and Intuition

Published December 2, 2020 by tindertender

Who is right and who is wrong?

No one ……

ALL are right, from their own unique perspective.

To be an undesirable …. a privilege?
Casting opinion of self based on another’s perception is not wise.

Molding ones character to what another deems best for us is not honoring self …. we cannot please every person or entity who says we ought to be this or that.

We’ve been given “senses” for a purpose. True, most have been on hyperdrive sense-wise. But to completely go to the other pole, to release any and all sensitivity in favor of ‘acceptance’ is being a traitor to the God/dess within.

Honoring self means accepting self in all of its forms – not shifting self based on what another says is right, or in error.

If it doesn’t FEEL like Love, then it may not be, at least in the ‘moment’..

Even relationships (as in familial) which are abusive can be labeled as unloving … yet love lives in the heart still, in most cases.

To love from a distance is sometimes necessary for self-care.

Life itself is passion … passion for love and everything that brings love. Intuition is ours for recognizing that which is not of love. If it asks that you be ‘neutral’, it is asking you to release your passion and just accept w/o question what is saying those who suffer brought it upon themselves. Sometimes true … shifting ‘blame’ is an abusers technique.

To accept abusive behavior from another who professes “tough love’ and ‘it’s for your own good’ is not healthy placement of personal boundaries.

We never have to accept what another states is for our ‘best interest’ … intuition states very well for self what the ‘best’ may be in any given moment.

Hive Mind, or self-sovereignty? Honoring our individuality, or sacrificing everything we have become to mold into that which others think we ought to be? To give away our very soul and be at the mercy of the ‘owner’?

Ugh …

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