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Déjà Vu

Published January 16, 2020 by tindertender

You are surrounded by the most powerful cosmic energies that human civilization has ever recorded.

The Schumann Resonance went from 7.83Hz for thousand of years to now over 50+ in the span of 8 years and your DNA is changing to adapt to this quantum leap in evolution.

That energy is ripping at the fabric of your brain and the particles inside your bodies, whirling around at mega-speed, so this naturally excites your Krystal Seed Atom that stores the memories that you make during your times within manifestation.

This creates a “hot spot” within your memory-banks for that time period, causing your memory to leap across to your current awareness, reminding you that yes, you have absolutely been here before, and you have done that same thing before in past games.

Because you are not only living in a simulation, but you are on a time loop.

The time loop replays a successful time in history where you were able to remain alive, not blowing yourselves up, and continually producing huge volumes of electrostatic energy that your gamers use for their various applications.

So you have literally lived out this same life thousands, if not many, many millions of times before. Deja Vu is merely bleed through.

Memories are possible events that could happen given your limited number of options in life. Each moment is fully mapped and recorded in advance to your manifestation, then held inside Aniline crystals awaiting your possible choice to play that moment out.

You can choose to replay any one of these trillions of possible events as many times as you choose. By now you have likely played out every possible moment you could have ever experienced on Earth since recycling through millions of lifetimes.

Déjà vu is just you replaying a moment you’ve already played out before and you remember.

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They have human heads, with spider bodies

Published December 25, 2019 by tindertender

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The identity formed is dependent on those in the vicinity. The DNA and persona is extracted from an organic matrix growing inside. Basically, they are kept alive through a suspension of their termination through a symbiotic parasitic entrapment by the entity.

It hosts them to keep their consciousness alive to use it in a pliable repertoire of false identities to project and lure in or collapse the defenses of potential prey.

Some people are predators, in human bodies. The human was taken over and is hosted with minimal variation and pseudo self willed thought process patterns. It’s consciousness is based upon tricking our consciousness so it fits into every groove or ‘blind spot’ in our psyche.

As humanity ‘wakes up’, we see ‘in the dark’, where the webs and droppings of these psychic creatures exist. The same thing happens when someone turns the light on and roaches scatter. The point is that this is mental emotional.

As those mental emotional blind spots are reduced, we see how some were literally acting in full awareness of those blind spots and in fact using them, as their path, their walk way through the dark to communicate, share, grow, and feed themselves.

That is what we are seeing. Throughout the entire stretch of history, someone was always feeding on 90% of the progress and effort. We were spinning tires from the start and this explains the amount of internal this society has experienced.

If one is not careful, the very many selves and intentions they create in life will become so diverse and so paradoxical that they could possibly tear the individual mind attending them, apart. That is what was happening to us.

We were given a special formula designed to spread psyche through gradients and trends that created ripples and waves that took all the effort to hold this space together.

While our energy was diverted with that, we were being drained. Humanity had to learn how to control their emotions in the middle of an emotional war being waged by opposing sides of a circular power structure.

That power structure rotated around like a artificial satellite, catching whatever discoveries, inventions, or any real progress Humanity ever made. Since the beginning, we were stolen from. This is the point. We are living in the ancient past.

The tech used to define the control system that was used to protect parasites, can also lift the burdens that enslave everyone. The last ‘layer’ of the matrix is the self projected program that one is doomed to enslavement and in doing so contradicts one’s own liberation.

The mind is the most powerful and everything relies on the mind. If the mind cannot move forward (by remaining centered as everything else changes), then one’s reality can’t fully become what it actually is.

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