Channeled Messages

Published November 15, 2020 by tindertender

“No long term cattle at the table”

There are no special privileges for humanity for they are seen as a commodity only.


Some of which are doing a great job “channeling” messages of “love” … gathering folks for the “harvest”.

If you are a channeler and have not yet picked up on the fact you are being controlled .. in order to ‘control’ others, then please, work on your psychic skills.

They may have convinced you that you are not really human but a starseed or some reborn goddess or god. You are Source … in a nutshell. A drop of the ocean does not cease to be the ocean.

There is no need to bond yourself to a group who will use you to manipulate minds of others with their message.

You have the capacity to stand in your own power, fully, calling your own shots …. puppet strings are all around us.

There are hybrids and ETs in disguise governing countries across this globe.

There is a contract between them and the Galactics.

Every so often the Galactics come to harvest life forms for their vitality, their soul and spirit power. Life here is nothing but an energy source for them.

Same with the hybrids who run the show.

Our energies are manipulated in waves. The more people who participate in the controlled chaos, the bigger the energy wave … and the stronger their “spell” … the spell which “binds”.

What, did you not think they were all Sorcerers? Magnificent examples of what Controlled and Skillful Will can create, and do, using our very own energy … fear works best.

Take a look around, what do you see?

The television has programmed minds, desensitizing people to chaos and wrong doing. Add in 5G, electromagnetics to the mind, voice of god technology, mass hypnotism. You now have controlled chaos.

I’ve recently been told people are panicking about toilet paper again.

A very obvious example of mass hypnotism in play.

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