“The Great Architect”

Published November 11, 2020 by tindertender

The classic white bearded depiction of Saturn.

Few on the outer circle have figured out Saturn is affiliated with the Serpent. Notice the larger Serpent underneath Saturn’s arm, not to mention what is happening to the child. They also refer to the Bearded God as the Great Architect although He destroys everything He builds. This is why Santa and the Wizard of Oz fit this motif.

For many of us our life is attached to time, the clock is one of the most valuable tools in controlling the mind. The Elite know there becomes no use in counting time unless you plan on it running out. Imagine in immortality and infinity someone actually counting the hours and minutes, talking about useless. Saturn, also known as Cronos, which is where words like Chronological and Chronograph come from, was elected for time because of His rings which signified like an old tree His length of time in the Galaxy. In other words those attempting to learn the age of this Universe looked first to Saturn and the debris in its rings containing residue of lost Planets that entered the Golden Age of Destruction and Chaos now long forgotten although their essence still remains.

It may be of value for you to start seeing these Deities, Gods, Spirits, Daemons, as Beings alien to you because there are many of them that did not originate here on Earth. In ancient times people had gained the knowledge of this and began to emulate the movement of Energies, Stars, and Planets, and thus some became completely alienated from the people. This is also when the Elitist religions of the “Chosen People” began to flourish. Those who wished to be in power during a certain era would make pacts and oaths with the Spirit energies and from there they would become fleshly vessels doing the bidding of these rouges by declaring war on all unbelieving infidels. Even the word “Peace” means something must be split up and only a portion remains. The word Unity also means a unit or part, not the whole thing. We have grown so accustomed to these words we don’t see that every time nations use it as a reason to go to war, we get exactly what we ask for, sending in the Units to tear things to Peaces. The world has now been divided into so many pieces we have all become isolated from one another and thus we think our true enemy is our fellow man and women and silently in the Cabal rules one who is not Human at all.

Even in the Bible there is always a solemn warning by the Prophet before the destruction. This is in fact a Law of the Universe which exist so that all conscious Beings on a Planet may have a choice of whether they want to participate in the collectively planned future of that Planet, attempt to do something to prevent it, or emancipate themselves from it entirely which is always an option. We do hold the master button on our personal Earth life if we want to really exit, we can make it happen, some type of choice always clings to us. Our future is the beautiful fractalised shape of a myriad of choices.

As you see within the word “Planet” there is a “Plan” here which we will just call “Planned Net 10” which means the end of one world and of course many new worlds will begin after. Our status in the ungoverned worlds beyond has much to do with our accolades and milestones that we have crossed in our previous world of origin. This information always remains on our Aura even if we are unaware of it. Think of yourself known throughout the whole Universe as someone who assisted your race in Ascension. As all things are recorded that’s what the record will reflect once the deed is accomplished.

Every action we make will always be contained somewhere, it determines what we are to face next on various levels of action and reaction, it can always be accessed and cannot be erased just balanced. If you were strong did you protect the weak? If you were truly wise did you share your knowledge to your best ability? If you possessed wealth did you distribute the goods committed to your charge?

On the flip side there are those working with the dark force that have kept the masses in this recent segment of time away from the true wisdom. Their doctrine is to Know, Dare, Will, and keep Silent. One should understand their Oath to keep silent, they are all around and they would never reveal their identity. Those who have read works like the Art of War and the Law of Seduction should get a general idea of how they operate in business much less in the Spiritual World. These particular books written by Sun Zhu along with works by Machiavelli such as the Prince and various other shrewd titles are required reading for the upcoming business Elite. In addition they do not just read but put into play the methods being elaborated upon as if the world is only a giant chess board with human pieces.

The way many Beings feel about Earth is they would not give something that looks like dust compared to Antares and Betelgeuse the honor of destroying this whole Galaxy. Everything must evolve in time and for this segment of the Human race that time is long overdue. The lower dimension now awaits occupying the spot we are in now. Since the information vault is now open you can gain a higher level of esoteric intelligence, without being fully Initiated, and thus stuck in some lower dimension slave world ruled by jealous megalomaniacs because you joined the wrong group chanting Namaste, “Name Sat”. Some of the most valuable portions of this information has come from Higher Beings still reaching back to help along the children which we all are, they gave no names, and they demanded no worship save to the Original Creator in which all things will eventually have to face and it is patient Shrouded within itself Majestic and Wise. Many of the forces that have invisibly protected and guided the Human race have long since ascended beyond points where they can any longer interact with the Earth because of contamination and its lack of pure ideas thus there is a heavy need for new Ethereal Planetary workers, not Golden Age materialist.

Think of this also, the Bible is supposed to be a Holy Book and in the end you find a passage that says something like “Whoa to the one who adds or takes away from what is written in this book, We will add to him the plagues of this Book and take away his Name from the Book of Life”. There is obviously a faction that cares nothing of this warning because every time a new addition of the Bible comes out, there are serious changes. People need to start seeing that the ones who are changing it care nothing for the curses because there are none and the Book itself has stories borrowed from everywhere, such was the way of these people.

There were also those who just signed up for the Pantheism since the ladder is ascending and descending, they naturally gravitated towards the negative. The lower dimensional Beings, which also make up the foundation we stand on, had its way with them while their “channel” was open and they spoke whatever message that would bring more energy and treasure to their coffers, they where led by distortion. Man and woman involved themselves with Beings that possessed and incarnated into their Human bodies. Some of these Beings either never had a vocal box or are no longer in possession of one nor a corporeal body to operate on the 3rd physical plane. Numerous they are and they could not be counted as if opening a sealed vault of misshaped things that spawn amongst themselves in what would seem like an instant. Pandora’s Box, tricks of the God Pan Lord of Panic and Pandemic.

We are currently positioned in a place Kabbalistically known as Malkuth which means foundation. This is why the Gods often say the Earth is their footstool. Indeed some of the Spirit energies are so large it is true that Earth could be in fact used as a footstool by them.

Malkuth consists of various life forms with limited senses, thus they are vibrating at a lower frequency in order to form something as solid as a Foundation. To make this easier to understand a rock is actually in motion although it is vibrating so slow it is heavy, hard, and what appears to be unmovable although it is just moving so slow you do not have the time to see its movement.

The more senses we lose we become more like a rock, which means our emotional movement and idea of things lesson as we descend. This is also the secret to why Gargoyles, The Sumerian Stone Cherubs, The Sphinx and various other stone figures that have survived from antiquity are all known to be in fact alive and resonating a certain type of energy. Lower life forms are also on a low vibration like rocks thus they at times inhabit stones.

These figures are kept around for protection against other Entities by Magicians.

Why we are here…..

“We sent men, women, and even the Pure Ones to them to persuade them that there where multiple heavens and they were caught up in the lower dimensions deceived by the Stars, they were, and they would not listen.” They would not forsake the Partners they had subscribed with Source imagining them to be in favor of their growth, in spite, the “Gods” gave them little and blocked the Path of Ascension. Thus there was a silence of man and woman’s great deeds in the heavens and there was little to Ascension, truly the people were not guided trading paper for life. Then the veil began to lift and once again man and woman recognized each other as the only source of harmony, we were all together then man and woman shaping and forming a new world. Truly our work is not in vain and just as the trees, we are numerous and patient, as We provide man and women their substance just as we all must live.

It is safe to say that what is put directly in front of us, especially through popular media, needs our personal investigation and common sense before it can be trusted. The shear energy of crowds envelops all who are in the midst. As hearts begin to sync up all are in the hands of the so-called world leaders and in the past, few have lead in the right direction as they grope about the darkness of Kali Yuga gathering all the resources for their private groups consuming far more than the average citizen and never loosening the yoke. We cannot continue to be looked at as resources rather than Human Beings. Taking the mainstreams word for it seems to always prove unintelligent, they are liars and they will say and do anything to make the masses disbelieve in what we have felt for so long which is that Religion, Politics, Social, and Educational structures are developed to hinder, not free the people less they raise the whole Earth into the higher realms that those that have fallen cannot ascend because it burns away all impurities. And here you also find a reason in this war over consciousness. These groups want to take as many humans with them for the further enslavement. Rise above politics, religions, left or right – it`s always just the other side of the same coin.

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