Who Am I?

Published October 23, 2020 by tindertender

A question many of us are asking ourselves these days.

I Am a resilient survivor.

A tackler of inner triggers.

One who must consciously focus on positive affirmation to counter the habitual negative patterns.

A molder of personal character.

One who is in process of releasing judgement and the need to be right.

A person who has vowed to never simply ‘settle’ for the mediocre, the stagnant waters of life. Making effort to stir it up, open it up, and create that which is beneficial and able to incorporate something greater.

One who recognizes that life is a balance.

Working on the scales of positive and negative, aware that when a negative crops up it must immediately be countered with a positive.

A woman who is taking pleasure in cleaning up her surroundings.

A woman in process of admiring that which she has become … thus far …

She recognizes that pessimism and thoughts about the way things ought to be need thrown out the window.

She longs to love and care for life in all its many forms and ways of being, yet like religion, knows that variance of opinion or belief does not need to be imposed upon another.

Freedom to be, to choose … an inherent right, as long as it does no harm to the children, physically or mentally.

Harm … who is to judge what that is? For it varies on the scale of 1 to 10, as does all else in this world … the Scale of Polarity.

I Am She who sees the light of a child in the eyes of a canine, a squirrel, and many other forms of life.

She who sees love shared among even the smallest of creatures, and the celebration of joy in the simplest of experiences.

One who acknowledges past conditioning created many barriers which need dismantled, patterns of beingness reformatted.

She who is determined to take charge and choose a different future from those of previous cycles. Choosing to be an active Creator of environment and life.

A Gentle Soul capable of a Mighty Roar.

One who accepts the guidance and sometimes path altering pushes from Guardian, Guides, Ancestors and Angels.

She admits that her thoughts and ideas should not, and cannot, form the collective scale of what is appropriate. So she practices release of opinion and the sometimes hidden judgement.

One who is grateful to be free from rule-making and managing the various outputs of another.

The world is filled to the brim with people pushing, pulling and attempting to format the minds and hearts of those living around them, and otherwise, ignoring the internal workings of their own mind and heart.

Any time a criticism arises of someone or something, it must be flipped straightaway to the personal … Am I this or that? Do I do this or that? Only then can we begin the see the reality of outward appearances and circumstances as our mirror, which is most often found to be our own reflection.

That beautiful mirror that allows us to see the Raw Truth, should we be willing.

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