Oracle Reading 10-23-2020

Published October 23, 2020 by tindertender

Take a break and enjoy a quiet period. This time can be used to regroup, recover and stabilize yourself. It is wise to keep in mind the fact that this is for a limited period of time. You are pausing to regain your footing. As you evaluate your environment, check to see if you need to clear any ill with anyone. Ask for forgiveness and be willing to forgive as necessary to move forward. Enjoy this downtime. Acknowledge the importance of recharging your energy so you are refreshed and ready to tackle life and any challenges that come your way.

Nature holds all aspects of light. The light is the same brilliant light that shines out of every child while they are still in touch with the magic of the world and nature. Find the innocence of your childhood light within you and reconnect with it. This light represents your virtue and holds the memory of perfect trust, fearlessness in others and total self-reliance. It will allow you to see the world with the eyes of a child. You will be excited to learn new things every day. How much happier your world would be if everyone reconnected to his or her purest essence!

A new course or route is coming into your awareness. It is time to utilize your knowledge and complete the task at hand. As you finish one aspect of your life, begin thinking about what you would like to do next. This is part of your life’s journey – you are constantly shifting and developing. You may feel contentment, fulfillment and pride, because you have accomplished something. There is productivity and reward as a bonus for your efforts. The good fortune you realize is evidence that you are putting sufficient energy into your life’s journey to get out of it all you desire.

Reading from the deck “Nature’s Whispers” created by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

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