What Happens Is Due To Choices You Make

Published October 21, 2020 by tindertender

Yes … and no.

It all starts with manipulation.

We are placed in a family unit which holds certain beliefs and life styles. Some say we choose this family … I think not.

We are taught certain behaviors, certain habitual patterns, we become acclimated to a particular area of the world.

We spend our life in these patterns until we decide we wish to reformat our life, into something WE choose, not that which our parents and peers instilled in us.

Even then, the choices we make are under constant manipulations, constant trials we face as we retrain our minds and restructure our habitual patterns.

We may fall into the past pattern occasionally, or even frequently. Yet we must continue to rise above it, to change the pattern, to eliminate reminders of these patterns from our lives in order to give ourselves a fighting chance at restructure, at choosing consciously our future.

Since we know our younger years were manipulated by the hidden hand, who also affected our role models lives, we can say that ‘choice’ is simply what we do from the limited experiences we have been given to pick from.

Anything else …

We’ve got to create ourselves.

How do we know it is proper choice vs manipulated choice?

Proper choice will benefit our life, and assist us in spiraling upward and forward into greater experiences, where goodness multiplies rather than its opposite.

Manipulated choice is that born of programming from youth and varying circumstances we were exposed to, involving a limited number of choices available, keeping a perpetual cycle of some form of chaos alive.

Usually, it is the manipulator who will remind you “it was your choice” …. all while they urge the fall from grace, so to speak.

The hidden hands … they cannot ascend. They have chosen dominion over this earth and have paid the price for it … their very soul. This is where they will be for eternity, or until they can no longer keep their life viable. Misery loves company, and they will do whatever necessary to keep humans trapped in these particular lower fields.

By rule, they can tempt you, but they also must tell you how to help yourself. “Stay away from thc …. go ahead and smoke it …”

The tempter will always tempt, and then say it was your choice when you fall. They simply cannot leave well enough alone. It’s a game you see … sheeple are a commodity for the woke and ancient ones pulling strings.

So … it is clear that in order to change habitual patterns, the entirety of the environment must change. Making this shift is a challenge in itself when others are involved … when one must wait for them to take action on their own part. And when they don’t …

Jekyll & Hyde Bitch

I don’t like to wear the hat, honestly. But this is the future I’m talking about. How does one remain in LOVE when they are fighting to cleanse their environment, giving their Soul the best chance possible for stability? Well, love of self must outweigh anything else …

The tempter … they are hidden and also in plain sight, often they are latched on for dear life … because it is you (and me) they feed upon, energetically and physically. To them our presence literally means that which sustains life … theirs.

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